Wishing I had a big butt

Right now I am wishing I had a big butt.  Why?  Because if I did, my butt might not be so sore.  This morning as I went out to clean the freezing rain off my car I slipped on my front sidewalk and down I went, landing on my bony butt.  My flailing hands prevented my head from hitting the cement too hard, but now my left wrist is sore too.  I guess the good news is I did not hurt my back….

The worst part was, my accident could have been avoided.  I had given myself plenty of time to get to my dentist appointment just in case the roads were bad.  The forecast had predicted freezing rain, but when I looked out my window, the sidewalk appeared to be just wet and not icy.  I also should have chosen safety over fashion; I was wearing my cute boots with very little tread on them, much better suited for bare sidewalks.


I am hoping that by tomorrow I will feel better, as I am tired of sitting (more like standing or lying) around doing nothing all day.


7 thoughts on “Wishing I had a big butt

  1. Just so you know, it still hurts if you have a big butt. If anything there is more of it to feel the hurt. Sorry you are hurting. Hope you feel better soon. Libby

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  2. Oh even in So.Calif. I’ve done the tumble off the “Looked only wet steps but actually had a small amount of Ice” if we thought before we did anything we might avoid a lot of this……but then what would we write of?

    ~~Yours in sympathy dru~~

  3. Not looking forward to winter here… I’ve had many face to face interactions with ice! I’m glad you didn’t hurt your back. I hear you about the cabin fever. Need some of those sunny days back!

  4. […] much prefer snow to freezing rain, which can be quite dangerous, as I found out recently when I fell and bruised my tailbone.  Almost three weeks later I can still feel it if I move too quickly or […]

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