Gardens4u website revised and updated

Check.   Another job on my list completed…

My business website GARDENS4U has recently been revised using a different theme and color scheme.  It has also been updated with pictures from last season.

My to-do list is getting shorter and the days are getting longer.  That means I should be able to get out into my gardens soon (I hope) before I turn into this lady…




It would be greatly appreciated if you would check out the website and tell me what you think!


Rock on Andrew Waines!



Andrew Waines is a young man moving up quickly in the music world, currently focused on the soft rock/blues genre as a solo artist.  Andrew was one of my youngest son’s best friends in grade school here in Kanata (west end of Ottawa) until Andrew and his family moved from our neighborhood.

Andrew’s mom and I are friends on Facebook  which has been instrumental (pun intended) in allowing us to follow our children’s (her four and my three) endeavors. When I heard of Andrew’s success and amazing progress in the music industry, I was thrilled for him, but not really surprised as he was always the kind of kid that excelled in any of his pursuits.

Please check out these links to Andrew’s official website, Youtube channel, and Facebook page to discover just how talented he is!

OFFICIAL WEBSITE  for his bio, contact info, scheduled shows, blog and more

YOUTUBE CHANNEL  for tracks, albums, and playlists of original songs and covers

FACEBOOK PAGE  for more info and updates


Rock on Andrew!


My Gardens4u business website has been updated

hen & chicksB

If you haven’t checked out my business website GARDENS4U  recently or at all yet, please do so and let me know what you think.  It has just been updated with the pictures I took last season and I would love your opinion, comments and suggestions.  I know many of you are website and photographic geniuses; I am neither of those but am always looking to improve!


How to Build a Website

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