I found my sunglasses!



A few weeks ago I misplaced the sunglasses that I wear to work in gardens.  They are safety glasses that wrap around the sides of my eyes to protect me from branches, debris, splashing etc.   You know, the ones I tried to smash a few months ago LOL.  Although I was pretty sure they were at a specific client’s home, I could not locate them when I searched for them there recently.

I was back at this garden weeding today and found them in the garden, a little dirty, but still intact.

Safety glasses for gardening

Today while gardening, I stopped to shed a sweater as it got warmer.  To do so, I removed my safety sunglasses.  After removing my sweater, I slammed the door to the trunk of my van, forgetting to replace the sunglasses on my head first.   As I had left them on the bumper of the van, they flew across the yard and a few swear words flew out of my mouth…


The good news is, as they are incredibly durable, they did not shatter as I feared they would.  One lens popped out, but other than that, they were no worse for wear, not even scratched!   I was easily able to put the lens back in…


I would not recommend testing your glasses this way, but I was impressed.  My safety sunglasses survived an incredible safety test.  I have no doubt that they would protect my eyes from a flying object other than the glasses themselves!

The glasses were purchased at OTTAWA FASTENER SUPPLY INC    I found them while wandering through the store as my husband shopped for a tool he needed for a project.  As they were inexpensive and  fashionable,  I tried them on.  I loved the fact that they cover the sides of my eyes and that the nose grip prevents them from falling off when I bend over.  I decided they would be perfect to wear while gardening…

Good decision!