Doing your part to reduce waste and live cleaner

Although I am not convinced that global warming as portrayed by the media, politicians and special interest groups exists, I do believe in doing your part to reduce waste and live cleaner.  I do my part by recycling garbage, using non-toxic household products, and conserving energy whenever I can.

As described in a previous post TOXINS and on my website MELALEUCA , my use of non-toxic household products happened as a result of my own health issues and concerns. Everyone should be aware of what toxins are getting dumped down our drains to contaminate our drinking water, affecting our health and environment.  Melaleuca does it part by providing us with biodegradable products in concentrated form which reduces the number of plastic containers in our waste management systems.  I have been using the Melaleuca products described in the post for several years now, as have several of my friends and neighbours.  My favourite products are…

In the cleaning product picture are, from left to right: a scrubbing eraser, room freshening spray, Solumel cleaner, Solugard cleaner (diluted and concentrated), bug spray and wood furniture polish.  Other products I love in this category that are missing from this picture include Tub and Tile cleaner, Diamond Brite dishwasher liquid and tabs, and Melamagic cleaner.

In the picture of laundry products, from left to right, are: Prespot stain remover, Melasoft liquid softener, lavender scented (it comes in many other scents, both HE and regular type) liquid soap, Revive wrinkle remover and Melasoft softener sheets (front).

In the picture of beauty, skin care and medicinal products, from left to right, are: herbal deodorant, Pain-a-trate joint cream, Mineral sunscreen, skin clarifier, Renew hand cream (in two sizes), Melagel ointment and bar soap.  Other products I love in this category that are missing from this picture include lip balm, and tea tree oil.

If you wish to rid your household of toxins for the health benefit of your family and for the benefit of our environment, do your part too.  Contact me to learn more about Melaleuca products.  If you live in my neighbourhood you can order products through me.  If you live elsewhere, almost anywhere in the world, I can set up your own Melaleuca business for you online, it is that simple!

Start doing your part today!

Recycle your electronic waste, light bulbs, batteries and old paint tins for earth day


In honour of Earth Day today, I will be taking my electronic waste to an e-waste recycle location here in Kanata.  It is located at 1 Sweetnam Drive off of Hazeldean Rd, between Iber Rd and Stittsville, and accepts all of your old electronic stuff, appliances and scrap metal.  Working or not, these items are recycled instead of going into landfills.  Drop off is free and open 24 hours a day.  I have been meaning to do this for a long while; today I have no excuses…

I will also stop off at Lowe’s on Hazledean Rd in Kanata to drop off some old paint tins we have accumulated.  Apparently they have a recycling service that will take old paint, regular and rechargeable batteries, as well as fluorescent light bulbs.

You can participate in Earth Day too. Google a recycle location in your neighbourhood and get that pile of junk out of your garage or basement today.