Allow the Wonder Wall to captivate you!


The Wonder Wall
The Wonder Wall

Recently I attended a book launch to support a friend who has co-created a masterpiece named the Wonder Wall.  I don’t usually get much reading done in the summer, but I am so impressed with this book I am making an exception this week.

The Wonder Wall is aimed at formal and informal educators of all kinds.  Teachers from kindergarten to university, scientists, managers, team leaders, administrators, parents, and volunteers alike can learn from this.  After all, we humans are all educators of some sort.  Whether you want to motivate and encourage children or adults, this book is for you.  The motivation can occur within a school, start-up business or major corporation.  Or an office, hospital, police force, daycare, or community association.  The concepts within the Wonder Wall are easily applicable to everyone and anyone.

I tried to put the ideas from this book into my own words to share with you.  I found that my efforts could simply not do justice to the witty, inspirational way this masterpiece is written.   So, I am cheating; these few excerpts are literally straight from the book…


three imperatives:

  • recognize there is a seed of brilliance in everyone
  • adopt a strength-based approach
  • create cultures of belonging

four conditions:

  • storytelling and listening
  • moving beyond diversity to inclusivity
  • making it personal
  • celebrating


  • good listener, approachable, personable
  • understanding, empathetic, respectful, caring
  • motivational, inspirational, visionary
  • honest, trustworthy, dependable, consistent
  • knowledgeable, informed, displaying expertise
  • good communicator
  • positive, enthusiastic, energetic


  • leads by example
  • provides support, encouragement, motivation
  • seeks input
  • inclusive/fair
  • approachable/friendly
  • professional/responsible
  • positive/energetic
  • respectful
  • sympathetic/understanding
  • team player/builds relationships

Learn the details of these compelling points, plus many more insightful strategies and how they can apply to your life.  Read the book yourself!

Inspire yourself.  Purchase the Wonder Wall at your local bookstore or online through Amazon.   I promise you will be captivated, and amused as you read and reread through the pages.