Rooms with a view

As renovations continue at our family cottage, our front door and bedroom window have now been replaced with patio doors, creating rooms with a view of the lake.



We are fortunate to have helpers we can call on to help with our renovations. We enlisted the help of two sons and a friend to remove the old door and window, create the necessary rough-ins and install the new patio doors.



The process of finding, ordering and getting patio doors delivered to the cottage was a frustrating experience.  That was probably the hardest part of this project, definitely the most time-consuming.  In this age of online shopping, it was next to impossible to see the doors in real life before ordering.  With extreme weather conditions at the cottage, we wanted something more durable than base models available at local DIY stores like Home Depot or Lowes.  Stores that specialized in patio doors could not show us any doors and were very confusing on the details of what we were trying to order.

Thanks to Jason Lessard, the manager of the Lookout Home Hardware Building Center in Plevna we were able to order doors specific to our needs and even get them delivered to the cottage.  Call me old-fashioned, but brick and mortar stores do have their advantages. Friendly, helpful and knowledgeable store personnel help immensely too.  I won’t waste valuable time with materials and advice we require for future renovations.



Now that this project is complete, we plan to create more rooms with a view.  To do this we have to replace the window to the left of the patio doors and add windows to the side of the cottage.  We also plan to upgrade the entrance door at the side and replace the window at the back with patio doors.

When the exterior is complete, including new siding, the interior renovations will begin. That is if we have any energy and money left.  These renovations are a drain on both.  Stay tuned for further developments!