God’s country

My father used to call the area where our cottage is located “God’s Country” for a reason.  Palmerston Lake is a clean, beautiful, serene lake in Ompah, Ontario where we refer to as the middle of nowhere.  Approximately 90 minutes southwest of Ottawa, Ompah is a sleepy, uncommercialized town, perfect for getting away from the headaches of big city life….


Moving into the era of modern technology, Ompah now receives cell phone service and Wifi thanks to a tower recently installed by Bell Canada…



Even though the tower sticks out like a sore thumb in pictures of beautiful scenery, this service is great for cottagers that need to be connected to the rest of the world.  I must admit the cell phone service is great for keeping in touch with my sons when they are not with us.

A modern version of God’s country!






Storm clouds

These storm clouds circled us on Palmerston Lake this past Friday night, but we did not receive any rain until early Monday morning…


In fact, after the stars and moon chased away the clouds, we were able to enjoy our first campfire of the season since the fire ban had finally been lifted in the North Frontenac area…



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Privacy screen extraordinaire

While shopping for another part of our new deck at the cottage, I saw a black metal panel that I thought would make a beautiful privacy screen.  We need something at the side of the deck between our cottage and the one next door.  The panel I saw was not large enough, so I started looking around at various stores to see if I could find something more suitable.

I have been very busy with my gardening business, so my husband has been going up to the cottage a few days during the week to work on the deck.  Last weekend when I went up, the privacy screen was in place…



He framed it and set it into a wall of boards like the decking so it looks like a framed piece of art!  Can you see the hummingbird within the design?  I love it!


Dragonflies, nature’s bug exterminator

I heard that dragonflies are released each spring on Palmerston Lake where our cottage is located.  This practice is to reduce the number of annoying mosquitoes, horse flies, deer flies, black flies and such, naturally…


While I have seen numerous dragonflies circling around, I had never seen one catch or eat any of the thousands of mosquitoes or black, deer and horse flys prevalent this time of year at the lake.   Until this past weekend…

As we worked on the final stages of our new deck project, a large blue dragonfly landed right beside us on a board, with a horsefly in its grasp.  For the next 30 minutes, the dragonfly chomped away on the horsefly, paying no attention to us.  It was so intent on devouring its prize, that it did not budge as I snapped pictures and a video of the action from inches away…


Watch the jaws at work:

Trying to stuff the whole horse fly into its mouth…


and then finishing it off:


Shortly after it had devoured the fly, the dragonfly took off and I got back to work.   I bet the dragonfly flew off to have a nap somewhere; that was a workout!  The bugs seem to be worse than ever this spring, but I have proof there is now one less horse fly around to bite me!

Signs of spring at Palmerston Lake in Ompah, Ontario

We took a drive up to our cottage on Palmerston Lake in Ompah, Ontario today to see if spring has arrived up there.  Although there is quite a bit more snow up there than here in Ottawa and it was 5 degrees cooler, there were a few signs of spring…

the snow levels have subsided and the wild turkeys have been to visit:


the ice is breaking up on the lake:


and the water levels are really high:


Looks like it may be a while before we will be swimming in Palmerston Lake!


Palmerston Lake


We won’t be swimming anytime soon in Palmerston Lake.  This past Sunday we drove up to our family cottage on Palmerston Lake at Ompah, Ontario to check on the cottage and to see how much snow is left up there…

The lake is still ice and snow-covered; not very inviting.  The top of a birch tree on our property had snapped and fallen onto our wood shed; fortunately its fall was broken by two small deciduous trees, so there was no damage to the roof of the shed.

Like my gardening season,  cottage season (at least the swimming part of it) may be delayed a bit this year thanks to the long, cold winter we have endured here in eastern Ontario…