Favourite and least favourite perennials

With all the gardens I visit in a season with my BUSINESS I am bound to have my favorite and least favorite perennials.  I always choose to plant the favourite and avoid the least favourite perennials.

Spiderwort, AKA tradescantia or widow’s tears are my least favorite this year.  They spread like crazy throughout gardens, flop onto other plants and turn slimy as soon as the weather gets cool.  One good thing about them is their pretty purple color.  The fact that they rebloom if cut back after the first bloom is a bonus too.

My favourite perennials this season have been coneflowers, especially the newer colors available.  Due to the cool summer we experienced, the coneflowers have been blooming pretty much all summer.  I have peachy orange, red and a few shades of pink coneflowers that are still stunning in my gardens.



I am still in love with all of the ornamental grasses and there seem to be more beautiful varieties every year.  Blue oat grass is my favourite this year in my zone 4 to 5 gardens because I love its steel blue coloring. The fact that it is much hardier, larger and sturdier than the blue fescue I have tried previously works too…

favourite perennials
blue oat grass

What are your favourite and least favourite perennials of the season?  Please let me know in the comment section below.

Scams, scams and more scams


I received two more scams today by email.  The first one was from someone claiming to be “checking my Netflix account”  They (in broken English and poor spelling) wanted me to click on a link to verify my account information with a threat that my family’s access to Netflix would be cut off if I did not follow the instructions.

The second scam was an email from someone claiming to be from Canada Post telling me I had a package that they tried to deliver but no one was home.  Again, they asked me to click on a link to verify my information and find out where to pick up my package.

Both are scams, looking to get information on unsuspecting individuals.  Popular services (such as Netflix and Canada Post) are being targeted because many people use and rely on them.  Clicking on the link provided will introduce a virus into your computer which will track personal information including banking details.

Clicking on the link provided in these scams will introduce a virus into your computer which will track personal information including banking details.  Instead of clicking on the link, delete the suspicious email immediately.

Here are a few clues that should make you suspect an emailed scam:

  • poor grammar and spelling in the content
  • telling you about something you did not order (packages)  Canada Post would never email you if they stop by and no one is home, they leave a notice at your door.
  • offers of refunds or money for nothing or ways to help you save.  If it sounds too good to be true, it is!
  • emails from someone you know that do not make sense, are very vague (i think you might be interested in this)  or contain a link you know nothing about
  • emails asking for information the (fake) sender (eg. CRA, bank etc) would already have on file
  • they are providing a service you did not request.  For example, they are telling you something is wrong with your computer and want you to log in so they can “help you fix the problem”
  • miracle cures of any sort (skin care, weight loss, etc etc) go under the “too good to be true” category
  • reputable companies do NOT ask for updated personal information via email


A PREVIOUS POST talked about scams you might encounter when shopping online.  Remember and be aware that perpetrators can find innocent, unsuspecting victims by email, phone, regular mail and even at your front door.  With modern technology, the world is becoming a much smaller place.  Scams, especially ones through email, can and do come from anywhere in the world today.

If you are even the least bit suspicious, google the company represented to see if there are any known scams associated with that company.  Use information available online to educate and protect yourself and others.  For example, I googled Netflix scam, and guess what, a whole list of results turned up.  This particular scam has been going on across Canada for a while now.   Remember, the company is not at fault, they are being used too.  The scammers are relying on these reputable, trusted and popular companies to get your attention.

After you delete the offending email, share the knowledge and warn your friends, family members, and neighbours.  The RCMP has a website for you to report SCAMS  and other fraudulent activity.

Be scam savvy!

Top google searches for 2015

The top google searches for 2015 were announced recently.  In case you are not aware of what information these searches provided, I have done it for you…

The first list of top 10 google searches is from the USA…


  1. Lamar Odom:   The former professional basketball player and estranged husband (their divorce was never finalized) of Khloe Kardashian passed out from a four day binge of natural viagra combined with too much booze, at a brothel in Nevada this past October. Although rumors reported him dead,  he came out of his coma  and continues to improve from the several strokes and kidney failure his body suffered.  Although Kardashian and Odom have apparently not reconciled, the divorce was put off so she could make decisions for his medical care…
  2. Charlie Hebdo:  A weekly magazine with headquarters in Paris, France that is best known for its controversial   and provocative left wing views that are published in the form of cartoons, jokes and articles.  Several terrorist   attacks have been launched against the magazine, the most recent one in January of 2015 in which twelve       people (mostly staff members) were killed.  And I thought cartoons were supposed to make you laugh…
  3. Agar.io:  A computer and mobile phone game where players are cells that get bigger and stronger by eating other cells/players. Sounds like an electronic version of Risk, the board game my sons used to play…
  4. Jurassic World: A movie that made a record-breaking 5.25 million dollars on its opening weekend in June 2015.  A sequel to Jurassic Park, this movie is set on the site of the original theme park, with a similar story line.  Ho Hum…
  5. Paris:  A recent terrorist attack lead by ISIL on a concert and restaurant crowd in Paris, France had us glued to our TV screens in November of 2015.  Apparently, many were glued to their computers and google as well….
  6. Furious 7:  Another movie, this one as its name suggests, is the latest version in the Fast and Furious saga.  The most notable fact about this one is that one of the stars, Paul Walker, died tragically in a car accident in 2013 while the film was still in production.  Sadly it was Walker’s last performance, and hopefully the last furious movie…
  7. Fallout 4:  Another computer game, this one from Bethesda Game Studio.  Who has time for all of these computer games?….
  8. Ronda Rousey:  She was the UFC bantamweight champion, at least until she was resoundingly knocked out by Holly Holm in Australia this past November…
  9. Caitlyn Jenner:  Formerly known as olympic athlete Bruce Jenner, Caitlyn is Bruce’s new transgender name, revealed to the world in July 2015.  She is also known as the stepfather/mother to the Kardashian girls…
  10. American Sniper:  Another movie, this one a war movie, based on the autobiography of a marksman in the US military.  At least it isn’t another sequel…


The next list was our Canadian version of the top 10 google searches, with the top four and number 7 showing significant Canadian content…

  1. Blue Jays:  Toronto’s professional baseball team, that thrilled all Canadians with their run for the World Series in 2015.  They fell short in the AL championship series, but the team that beat them out, the Kansas City Royals, went on to win it all…
  2. Justin Trudeau:  Canada’s new prime minister, currently best known as the son of former prime minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau.  Hopefully Justin leads the country to greater things than his father did…
  3. Federal Election:  Former prime minister Stephen Harper was resoundingly booted out of office by the above mentioned Justin Trudeau by voters wanting change.  Hopefully the changes will be positive…
  4. Pan Am Games:   Held most recently in Toronto in July 2015, the Pan Am games are a multi national, multi sporting event.
  5. Paris Shooting:  same as #5 in USA
  6. Agar.io:  same as #3 in USA
  7. Chris Hyndman:  A Canadian TV personality, best known for his interior decorating skills, that fell to his death from his balcony, reportedly while sleepwalking.
  8. Charlie Hebdo:  same as #2 in USA
  9. Lamar Odom: same as #1 in USA
  10. Caitlyn Jenner: same as #9 in USA


I learned a few things from researching this post; I hope you did too.  The only search item on the list that I did not know about was the Agar.io game.   I also discovered that Americans like their movies and computer/video games, while we Canadians are into sports and current events.