I almost made it to Chicago!

I almost made it to Chicago!  Chicago the musical that is, not the city….



photo credit to the Orillia Opera House


I had tickets to Chicago for last night’s performance but had to miss it due to the lousy weather here in Ottawa. I had plans to drive to Barrie from Ottawa to pick up my niece and head to the evening show at the Orillia Opera House. That plan never materialized.

Environment Canada changed my plans:

Environment Canada is predicting patchy freezing rain across eastern Ontario on Saturday afternoon.  After that ends, another round of freezing rain will develop this evening and persist for much of the night”

Even though I left Ottawa in the morning, with the hope of missing the freezing rain, it started earlier than predicted.  I only got as far as Carleton Place then turned around and came home.  What should have been a 15 minuted drive, turned into close to an hour with too many cars in the ditch.  An ordinarily long drive to Barrie and back would have turned into a nightmare.

“Freezing rain will slowly change to snow overnight as colder temperatures move in. Snowfall accumulation of 5 to 10 cm are possible by Sunday”    This was correct too; I woke up to this vision of beauty out my front door this morning:



Olivia Lloyd, the daughter of a family friend, played Velma in the show.  Reviews have been awesome; I am so disappointed that I did not get there.

The good news is I was able to transfer the tickets into my niece’s name, so she and a friend were able to enjoy the show.  Lucky for them, the drive from Barrie to Orillia was much quicker (with no freezing rain) than Ottawa to Barrie to Orillia.

That’s Canadian weather for you, unpredictable and frustrating!


Punxsutawney Phil and Wiarton Willie predict 6 more weeks of Winter…


When Punxsutawney Phil in Pennsylvania and Wiarton Willie in Ontario see their shadows on Groundhog Day it means we will see six more weeks of cold, snowy winter weather…

As luck would have it, groundhog day 2014 was bright and sunny so these two groundhogs could indeed see their shadows when they climbed from their respective holes.  Or maybe it was the shadow of the snowbanks all around them, at least in this part of Ontario, that they saw…

Similar rodents in Quebec and Nova Scotia did not see their shadows, meaning the winter weather there will end shortly.

Unfortunately for us here in Ontario, Environment Canada has also predicted that the cold, snowy weather we have been experiencing will last quite a bit longer, at least throughout most of February.

Regardless of what the groundhogs think they saw and what Environment Canada has predicted, I sure hope we do not have to endure another six weeks of this cold and snowy weather…After all, they have been known to be wrong!