Final garden chores

Well, our beautiful fall weather has come to an end here in Ottawa, so I am closing out my GARDENS4U season with some final garden chores:

  • cut back any perennials that get mushy or moldy (hostas, peonies, tall phlox)  Leave the rest for the birds, rabbits, squirrels etc.
  • mound clean soil (just plain, new soil,  no fertilizer) around the crowns of roses and any other less hardy plants.
  • mulch leaves and spread them around the plants in my gardens.  I will probably have to borrow some leaves from my neighbours or clients to do this as the trees in my yard are predominantly evergreens.
  • take any frost tender potted plants indoors (there are a few I overwinter)
  • put containers that are not cold hardy into the garage (those without drainage holes are especially susceptible to cracking) Store them on a shelf or other spot off the floor.
  • remove any cold sensitive decorations from the garden and store them (not on the floor) in the garage
  • pick any blooms still thriving; the frosty nights will kill them fast




That will probably end my garden posts for a while, I will have to look elsewhere for inspiration…


Multi-tasking: Cleaning out my Lingerie Drawer and Making Garden Ties


Did you know you can do both of these chores at the same time?  Old nylon stockings make great garden ties; they work great for tying up floppy plants or staking small trees.  The nylon is stretchy, yet strong, and still soft enough so it will not harm the growing plants.  Simply cut the stockings or legs of panty hose into strips, wide ones and skinny ones.

I’ve used the beige ones before, not sure how the black lace will look in my garden!

The Meanest Mom in the World!

Are you the meanest mom in the world? Do you:

-demand to know where your teen is going and with whom?
-insist on making arrangements with other parents to drop off/pick up?
-make them call you when there is a change of plans and they are not going to be where you thought they were?
-make and stick to curfew times, so they are not out all night?
-discourage your teen from attending parties where there is no parental supervision?
-discourage your teen from attending parties where the consumption of alcohol and/or drugs are suspected?
-get frustrated/angry when your teen is obviously not putting any effort into their school work and/or sporting activities?
-ask them, at least once daily, if they have any or have finished their homework?
-get frustrated/angry when your teen and his/her friends break, damage or lose something, don’t admit to it, don’t fix, find or retrieve it, and then don’t seem to think its a big deal?
-spend lots of money on their sporting activities, and lots of time driving them to and from these activities, so they can have fun?
-get frustrated when they won’t attempt to “better themselves” by applying for a more challenging/rewarding job, or training and trying out for a stronger/more challenging sports team?
-make them go to bed at a decent time and take away their electronic devices (cell phones, ipods, laptops) at bedtime on school nights, so they will get the rest they need? By the way, did you know sleep deprivation is the most common aggrivator of many childhood/teen health issues such as ADD/ADHD, anxiety, depression and more?
-prepare and expect them to eat well balanced, nutritious meals and discourage them from consuming too much junk food?
-request that they keep their bedrooms clean, so you can occasionally find their dirty laundry and vacuum the floors in there?
-make them do really difficult household chores such as empty the dishwasher, cut the grass, shovel snow, and keep their rec room in the basement clean, to get an allowance/make some spending money?

If you do most or all of the above extremely annoying things; congratulations! you may be nipping at my heels for the meanest mom in the world award!

Lorieb is the mother of three sons, residing in Kanata, Ontario, Canada. She is the proud owner of GARDENS4U, and spends most of her time designing, planting, and restoring gardens. Her other interests include reading and writing. Please check out her website at