Favourite wildflowers

It seems fitting that the wildflowers most prevalent at our cottage are favourites of my mother and mother-in-law…


The black-eyed susans were my mother-in-law’s favourite, and the queen anne’s lace was my mother’s.  In this picture they are blowing in the strong winds that came up with the recent storm clouds.

Unfortunately, the queen anne’s lace is being taken over by the dreaded wild parsnip along the highways on the way to our cottage…


I hope the construction workers along this particular stretch of hwy 7, just west of Carleton Place are aware of the dangers of wild parsnip.

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First snow of the season in Ottawa, Ontario area

Yesterday, as we drove from Ottawa to our cottage In Ompah, Ontario we hit several snow squalls.  We drove through sunny skies and storm clouds and snow squalls.  The first squall hit us in Carleton Place…

When we reached the cottage, the lawn and trees were snow covered and the island offshore was barely visible…

9 10

then, a mere ten minutes later, the sun was out again…

11 IMG1615

The ride home was uneventful.

Sweet Delicious Corn from McGregor’s Farm

On our last trip to our family cottage, after seeing miles and miles of corn fields along the highway, we stopped at Carleton Place beside the Tim Horton’s to pick up some fresh sweet corn for the weekend.  The young lady selling the corn informed me it came from McGregor’s farm in the Braeside area.  They also were selling strawberries as well as other fresh veggies, but my brain was stuck on corn!  The link below will take you to their website.


I must say, the corn was the most delicious corn I have ever tasted.  I don’t remember the variety she said it was, but it was awesome.  I think we will stop in Carleton Place again this weekend for some more!

corn field corn