Blue grass beauties

My new favourite ornamental grasses these days are the blue tinged beauties.  Every year there are more and more ornamental grasses available to choose from in the garden nurseries, but my eyes seem to be increasingly drawn to the blue grass varieties.  I love the way the soft, steely, blue hue compliments the color of other perennials.  While other ornamental grasses are grown for their attractive seed heads, the blue versions are chosen more for their attractive coloring.

These are blue oat grass, one of my favourites…


This is a newer variety, called Blue Lyme Grass…

blue lyme grass

Most ornamental grasses like full sun, but there are a few that tolerate some shade.  Be sure to check the labels before purchasing for sun requirements and hardiness zones.





Favourite and least favourite perennials

With all the gardens I visit in a season with my BUSINESS I am bound to have my favorite and least favorite perennials.  I always choose to plant the favourite and avoid the least favourite perennials.

Spiderwort, AKA tradescantia or widow’s tears are my least favorite this year.  They spread like crazy throughout gardens, flop onto other plants and turn slimy as soon as the weather gets cool.  One good thing about them is their pretty purple color.  The fact that they rebloom if cut back after the first bloom is a bonus too.

My favourite perennials this season have been coneflowers, especially the newer colors available.  Due to the cool summer we experienced, the coneflowers have been blooming pretty much all summer.  I have peachy orange, red and a few shades of pink coneflowers that are still stunning in my gardens.



I am still in love with all of the ornamental grasses and there seem to be more beautiful varieties every year.  Blue oat grass is my favourite this year in my zone 4 to 5 gardens because I love its steel blue coloring. The fact that it is much hardier, larger and sturdier than the blue fescue I have tried previously works too…

favourite perennials
blue oat grass

What are your favourite and least favourite perennials of the season?  Please let me know in the comment section below.