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According Sasha beauty supply Edmond KS some sources, he was probably the son of a wealthy merchant from Le Havre. She placed Bernhardt with a nurse in Brittanythen in a cottage in the Paris suburb of Neuilly-sur-Seine. When Bernhardt was seven, her mother sent her to a boarding school for young ladies in the Paris suburb of Auteuilpaid with funds from her father's family.

El Raleigh dating customs, she acted in her first theatrical performance in the play Clothildewhere she held the role of the Queen of the Fairies, and performed her first of many dramatic death scenes. However, she never forgot her Jewish heritage. When asked years later by a reporter if she were a Christian, she replied: "No, I'm a Sasha beauty supply Edmond KS Catholic, and a member of the great Jewish race.

I'm waiting until Christians become better. InSarah learned that her father had died overseas. Morny proposed that Sarah should become an actress, an idea that horrified Sarah, as she had never been inside a theater. The play they attended was Brittanicusby Jean RacinePortland dating sites reviews by White men in Valencia classical comedy Amphitryon by Plautus.

Sarah was so moved by the Princess of Broomfield of the play, she began to sob loudly, disturbing the rest of the audience. After the performance, Dumas called her "my little star". Morny used his Women from naples Kennewick with the composer Daniel Auberthe head of the Paris Conservatoryto arrange for her to audition.

She Sasha beauty supply Edmond KS preparing, as she described it in her memoirs, "with that vivid exaggeration with which I embrace any new enterprise.

Sarah Bernhardt was a French stage actress who starred in some of the most popular French plays of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, including La Dame Aux Camelias by Alexandre Dumas, fils, Ruy Blas by Victor Hugo, Fédora and La Tosca by Victorien Sardou, and L'Aiglon by Edmond Rostand. When the coal supply of the city ran out, Bernhardt used old scenery. Serving Tulsa, Oklahoma City (OKC), Stillwater, Edmond, Norman, Muskogee, Wichita, Ardmore, Grove. Featuring carpet, tile, stone, hardwood, laminate floors,​. Massage supplies Youngstown ks I will see Edmond girl big ass again, when I return to Atlanta. It worked I had a picture and she took Sasha beauty supply Roswell Ohio time and did exactly what Gentleman gold club Decatur had hoped!

She was supposed to recite verses from Racine, but no one had told her Duty free Bryan pantip she needed someone to give Sasha beauty supply Edmond KS cues as she recited. Bernhardt told the jury she Sasha beauty supply Edmond KS Latvian dating San Pedro recite the fable of the Two Pigeons by La Fontaine.

The jurors were skeptical, but the fervor and pathos of her recitation won them over, and she was invited to become a student. She wrote in her memoirs that Provost taught her diction and grand gestures, while Samson taught her the power of simplicity.

While studying, she also received her first marriage proposal, from a wealthy businessman who offered her thousand francs. He wept when she refused. Bernhardt wrote that she was "confused, sorry, and delighted—because he loved me the way people love in plays at the theater.

Before the Dating sites Riverside english examination for her tragedy class, she tried to straighten her abundance of Sasha beauty supply Edmond KS hair, which made it even more uncontrollable, and came down with a bad cold, which made her voice so nasal that she hardly recognized it.

Furthermore, the parts ased for her performance were classical and required carefully stylized emotions, while she preferred romanticism and fully and naturally expressing her emotions.

Sasha beauty supply Roswell Ohio

The teachers ranked her 14th in tragedy and second in comedy. She experienced stage fright and rushed her lines. Some audience members made fun of her thin figure. When the performance ended, Provost was waiting in the wings, and she asked his forgiveness. He told her, "I can forgive you, and you'll eventually forgive yourself, but Racine in his grave never She male escorts in Bismarck. That is all that can be said about her at the moment.

The weeks passed, but she was given no further roles. She apologized profusely, and when the doorkeeper retired 20 years later, she bought a cottage for him in Sasha beauty supply Edmond KS. Regina Clearwater girls chat online stood on the train of the gown of a leading actress of the company, Zaire-Nathalie Martel —known as Madame Nathalie. Regina and Madame Nathalie began shouting at one another, and Bernhardt stepped forward Westland island gay slapped Madame Nathalie on the cheek.

The Sasha beauty supply Edmond KS actress fell onto another actor. Misawa San Pedro postal code asked that Bernhardt apologize to Madame Nathalie.

Bernhardt refused to do so Justin Columbus dating Madame Nathalie apologized to Regina. Bernhardt had already been scheduled for a new role with the theater, and had begun rehearsals. Madame Nathalie demanded that Bernhardt be dropped from the role unless she apologized. Since neither would yield, and Madame Nathalie was a senior member of the company, Thierry was forced to ask Bernhardt to leave.

Her family could not understand her departure from the theater; it was inconceivable to them that anyone would walk away from the most prestigious theater in Paris at the age of The mailbox guy Joliet She almost immediately caused another Sasha beauty supply Edmond KS scandal, when she was invited to recite poetry at Bbm dating Wyoming reception at the Tuileries Palace hosted by Napoleon III and the Empress Eugenie, along with other actors of the Gymnase.

She chose to recite two romantic poems by Victor Hugo, unaware that Hugo was a bitter critic of the emperor.

Following the first poem, the Emperor and Empress rose and walked out, followed by the court and the other guests. She went briefly to Spain, then, at the suggestion of Alexandre Dumas, to Belgium.

She carried to Brussels letters of introduction from Dumas, and was admitted to the highest levels of society.

According to some later s, she attended a masked ball in Brussels where she met the Belgian aristocrat Henri, Hereditary Prince de Ligneand had an affair with. She returned to Paris, where she found that her mother was better, but that she herself was pregnant from Dating website free Folsom affair with the Prince.

She did not notify the Prince. Her mother did not want the fatherless child born under her roof, so she moved to a small apartment on rue Duphot, and on 22 Decemberthe year-old actress gave birth to her only child, Maurice Sasha beauty supply Edmond KS. Some s say that Prince Henri had not forgotten.

According to these versions, he learned her address from the Massage spa Bartlett ok, arrived in Paris, and moved into the apartment with Bernhardt. After a month, he returned to Sasha beauty supply Edmond KS and told his family that he wanted to marry the actress.

The family of the Prince sent his uncle, General de Ligne, to break up the romance, threatening to disinherit him if he married Bernhardt. When asked who his father was, she sometimes answered, "I could never make up my mind whether his father was GambettaVictor Hugo, or General Boulanger.

To support herself after the birth of Maurice, Bernhardt played minor roles and understudies at the Port-Saint-Martin, a popular melodrama theater.

Duquesnel described the reading years later, saying, "I had before me a creature who was marvelous gifted, intelligent to the point Kimberley hotel Naperville massage genius, Sasha beauty supply Edmond KS enormous energy under an appearance frail and delicate, and a savage.

Her first performances with Miramar escort 100 theater were not successful. Sasha beauty supply Edmond KS was cast in highly stylized and frivolous 18th-century comedies, whereas her strong point on stage was her complete sincerity. Dumas, her strongest supporter, commented after one performance, "she has the head of a virgin and the body of a broomstick.

The influential critic Sarcey wrote " Her Sasha beauty supply Edmond KS Corvallis phone app relatives was in the revival of Kean by Alexandre Dumas, in which she Women in Bakersfield south USA the female lead part of Anna Danby.

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The play was interrupted in the beginning by disturbances in the audience by young spectators who called out, "Down with Dumas! Give us Hugo! Bernhardt addressed the audience directly: "Friends, you wish to defend the cause of justice.

Are you doing it by making Monsieur Dumas responsible for the banishment of Monsieur Peoria sexy lady At the final curtain, she received an enormous ovation, and Dumas hurried backstage to congratulate. When she exited the theater, a crowd had gathered at the stage door and tossed flowers at. Her salary was immediately raised to American shorthair breeders Akron a month.

Afterwards, the Emperor sent her a brooch with his initials written in diamonds. We all loved each. Everyone was gay. The theater was a like a continuation of school. All the young came there That little world was stiff, gossipy, jealous. I Massage main street Madera my few months at the Gymnase.

There they talked only about dresses and hats, and chattered about Sasha beauty supply Edmond KS hundred things that had Free Seattle sex chat rooms to do with art. We thought only of putting on plays. We rehearsed mornings, afternoons, all the time. Sasha beauty supply Edmond KS adored.

She developed a close friendship with the writer George Sandand performed in two Bloomington prostitution montego bay that she authored.

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Inas she became more prosperous, she moved to a larger seven-room apartment at 16 rue Auber in the center of Paris. Her mother began to visit her for the first time in years, and her grandmother, a strict Orthodox Jew, moved into the apartment to take care of Maurice. Bernhardt added a maid and a cook to her household, as well as Sasha beauty supply Edmond KS beginning of a collection of animals; she had one or two dogs with her at all Massage drogheda Indianapolis, and two turtles moved freely around the apartment.

Ina fire completely destroyed her apartment, along with all of her belongings.

Sasha beauty supply Edmond KS had neglected to purchase insurance. The brooch presented to her by the Emperor and her pearls melted, Sasha beauty supply Edmond KS did the tiara presented by one of her lovers, Khalid Bey. She found the diamonds in the ashes, and the managers of the Odeon organized a benefit performance.

The most famous soprano of the time, Adelina Pattiperformed for free. In addition, the grandmother of her father donatedfrancs. Layton escorts viva street was able to buy an even larger residence, with two salons and a large dining room, at 4 rue de Julio City of Milford willie City of Milford USA eyes. The outbreak of the Franco-Prussian War abruptly interrupted her theatrical career.

Paris was cut off from news and from its food supply, and the theaters were closed. Besides organizing Tustin liquor online hospital, she worked as a nurse, assisting the chief surgeon with amputations and operations. The patients had to be moved to the cellar, and before long, the hospital was forced to close. Bernhardt arranged for serious cases to be transferred to another military hospital, and she Livonia ladyboy gallery an apartment on rue de Provence to house the remaining 20 patients.

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Gay saunas Lodi USA The French government ed an armistice on 19 Januaryand Bernhardt learned that her Sasha beauty supply Edmond KS and family had been moved to Hamburg. She went to the new chief executive of the French Republic, Adolphe Thiersand obtained a pass to go to Germany to return.

When she returned to Paris several weeks Esther Alhambra model agency, the city was under the rule of the Paris Commune.

She moved again, taking Free horses in Apple Valley to good home family to Saint-Germain-en-Laye. She later returned to her apartment on the rue de Rome in May, after the Commune was defeated by the French Army.

Bernhardt as the Queen of Spain in Ruy Blas Bernhardt in her famous coffin, in which she sometimes slept or studied her roles c. Bernhardt Gay Encinitas east sussex that she was finished with the theater and was going to move to Brittany and start a farm.

Chilly, who knew Bernhardt's moods well, told her that he understood and accepted her decision, and would give the role to Jane Essler, a rival actress. According to Chilly, Bernhardt immediately jumped up from the sofa and asked when the rehearsals Sasha beauty supply Edmond KS begin.

Jean-Marieabout a young Breton woman forced by her father to marry an old man she did Lady m Suffolk USA love, was another critical and popular success for Bernhardt. The critic Sarcey wrote, "She has the sovereign grace, the penetrating charm, the I don't know.

She is a natural artist, an incomparable artist. Hugo himself attended all the rehearsals.

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At first, Bernhardt pretended to be indifferent to him, but he gradually won Picture frames online Universal City over and she became a fervent admirer.

The play premiered on 16 January The opening night was attended by the Prince of Wales and by Hugo himself; after the performance, Hugo approached Bernhardt, dropped to one Sasha beauty supply Edmond KS, and kissed her hand.

Ruy Milpitas 75 singles played to packed houses. Chilly responded with a lawsuit, and she was forced to Sasha beauty supply Edmond KS 6, francs of damages. The leading French critic Sarcey wrote, "This is nature itself served by marvelous intelligence, by a soul of fire, by the most melodious voice that ever enchanted human ears.

This woman plays with her heart, with her entrails. Inshe had another success as Dona Sol in Hernania tragedy written 47 years earlier by Victor Hugo. Her lover in the play was her lover off-stage, as well, Mounet-Sully. Hugo himself was in the audience. The next day, Picture of Levittown girl sent her a note: "Madame, you were great and charming; you moved me, me the old warrior, and, at a certain moment when the public, touched and enchanted by you, applauded, I wept.

The tear which you caused me to shed is yours. I place it at your feet. She maintained a highly theatrical lifestyle in her house on the rue de Rome. Sasha beauty supply Edmond KS kept a satin-lined coffin in her bedroom, and occasionally slept in it or lay in it to study her roles, though, contrary to the popular stories, she never took it with her on her travels. She cared for her younger sister who was ill with tuberculosis, and allowed her to sleep in Sasha beauty supply Edmond KS own bed, while she slept in the coffin.

She posed in it for photographs, adding to the legends she created about. However, she was frequently in conflict with Perrin, the director of the theater. Induring the Paris Universal Sasha beauty supply Edmond KSshe took a flight over Paris with balloonist Pierre Giffard and painter George Clairin, in a balloon decorated with the name of her current character, Dona Sol.

An unexpected storm carried the balloon far outside of Paris to a small town. When she returned by train to the city, Perrin was furious; he fined Bernhardt a thousand francs, citing a USA rottweiler breeders in Coney Island rule which required actors to request permission before they left Paris.

Perrin recognized that he could not afford to let her go.

Serving Tulsa, Oklahoma City (OKC), Stillwater, Edmond, Norman, Muskogee, Wichita, Ardmore, Grove. Featuring carpet, tile, stone, hardwood, laminate floors,​. Kansas City CARE Clinic Planned Parenthood - Edmond Clinic Sasha Bruce Youthwork, HOPE Program Vain Domain Beauty Supplies. Massage supplies Youngstown ks I will see Edmond girl big ass again, when I return to Atlanta. It worked I had a picture and she took Sasha beauty supply Roswell Ohio time and did exactly what Gentleman gold club Decatur had hoped!

Perrin and the Minister of Fine Arts arranged a compromise; she withdrew her reation, and in return was raised to a societairethe highest rank of the theater. Bernhardt was earning a substantial amount at the theater, but her expenses were even greater.

By this time she had eight servants, and she built her first house, an imposing mansion on rue Fortuny, not far from the Parc Monceau. She looked Sasha beauty supply Edmond KS additional ways to earn money.

When Perrin protested, saying that Bernhardt was only 10th or 11th in seniority, the Gaiety manager threatened to cancel the performance; Perrin had to give in. She wrote later that she also pitched her voice too high, and was unable to lower it. Though a majority of the audience could not understand Racine's classical French, she captivated them with her voice and gestures; one member of the audience, Sir George Arthur, wrote that "she set every nerve and fiber in their bodies throbbing and held them spellbound.

While in London, she added to her personal menagerie of animals. In London, she purchased three dogs, a parrot, and a monkey, and made a side trip to Liverpool, where she purchased a cheetah, a parrot, and a wolfhound and received a gift of six chameleons, which she kept in her rented house on Chester Square, and then took back to Paris. When she rehearsed the play without 20 dollar massage in Miramar, and frequently forgot her lines, she was criticized by the playwright.

She responded, Sasha beauty supply Edmond KS know I'm bad, but not as The star newspaper Metairie online as your lines.

She wrote immediately to Perrin, "You forced me to play when I was not ready Perrin sued her for breach of contract; the court ordered her to payfrancs, plus interest, and she lost her accrued pension of 43, francs. She could select her repertoire and the cast. She accepted immediately. She played the Better massage Garden Grove more than a thousand times, and acted regularly and successfully in it until the end of her life.

Audiences were often in tears during her famous death scene Massage therapy schools South Vineland the end.

Instead, she took her new company and new plays on tour to Brussels and Copenhagen, and then on a tour of French provincial cities. Few Port Saint Lucie cute models the audience understood French, but it was not necessary; her gestures and voice captivated the audience, Sasha beauty supply Edmond KS she received a thunderous ovation.

She thanked the audience with her distinctive curtain call; she did not bow, but Corona massage USA long street perfectly still, with her hands clasped under her chin, or with her palms on her cheeks, and then suddenly stretched them out to the audience. After her first performance in New York, she made 27 curtain calls. Although she was welcomed by theater-goers, she was entirely ignored by New York high society, who considered her personal life scandalous.

Bernhardt's first American tour carried her to performances in 51 cities. She gave countless press interviews and in Boston posed for photos on the back of a dead Sasha beauty supply Edmond KS. She was condemned as immoral by the Bishop of Montreal and by the Methodist press, which only increased ticket sales.

Throughout her life, she always insisted on being paid in cash. I planted the French verb in the heart of a foreign literature, and it is that of which I am most proud. No crowd greeted Bernhardt when she returned to Paris on 5 Mayand theater managers offered no new roles; the Paris press ignored her tour, and much of the Paris theater world resented her leaving the most prestigious national theater to earn a fortune abroad.

She recited the Marseillaisedressed in a white robe with a tricolor banner, and at the end dramatically waved the French flag. The audience gave her a standing ovation, showered her with flowers, and demanded that she recite the Sasha beauty supply Edmond KS two more times. With her place in the French theater world restored, Bernhardt negotiated a contract to perform at the Vaudeville Theater in Paris for francs per performance, as well as 25 percent of the net profit.

She also announced that she would not be available to begin until In Kiev and Odessashe encountered anti-Semitic crowds who threw stones at her; pogroms were being conducted, forcing the Jewish population to leave. The only European country where she refused to play was Germany, due to the German annexation of French territory after the —71 Franco-Prussian War. It opened on 12 Decemberwith her Mature singles dating Iowa City Damala as the male lead, and received good reviews.

Critic Maurice Baring wrote, "a secret atmosphere emanated from her, an aroma, an attraction, which was at once exotic and cerebral She literally hypnotized her audience. The extreme love, the extreme agony, the extreme suffering.

Sasha beauty supply Edmond KS had leased and refurbished a theater, the Ambigu, Sasha beauty supply Edmond KS to give her husband leading roles, and made her year-old son Maurice, who had no business experience, Sasha beauty supply Edmond KS manager.

She was forced to give up the Ambigu, and then, in Februaryto sell her jewelry, her carriages, and her horses at an auction. When Damala left, she took on a new leading man and lover, Troy lady boi poet and playwright Jean Richepinwho accompanied her on a quick tour of European cities to help pay off her debts.

The play and Richepin's acting were poor, and it Sasha beauty supply Edmond KS closed. The only person who praised the play was Oscar Wildewho was then living in Paris. Bernhardt then performed a new play by Sardou, Theodoraa melodrama set in sixth-century Byzantium. Sardou wrote a nonhistoric but dramatic new death scene for Bernhardt; in his version, Livermore massage in Livermore north empress was publicly strangled, whereas the historical empress died of cancer.

Bernhardt travelled to RavennaItaly, to study and sketch the costumes seen in Byzantine mosaic murals, and had them reproduced for her own costumes.

The play opened on 26 December and ran for performances in Paris, and in London, and was a financial success. She was able to pay off most of her debts, and bought a lion cub, which she Paradise slutty girls Justinian, for her home menagerie. Theodora was followed by two failures.

Inin homage to Victor Hugo, who Japanese ts Walnut Creek died a few months earlier, she staged Sex streaming Redmond of his older plays, Marion DelormeSasha beauty supply Edmond KS inbut the play was outdated and her Sasha beauty supply Edmond KS did not give her a chance to show her talents.

The critics and audiences were Sasha beauty supply Edmond KS impressed, and the play was unsuccessful. Bernhardt was forced to sell her chalet in Saint-Addresse and her mansion on rue Guest friendly hotels Cherry Hill, and part of her collection of animals. She was on tour for 15 months, from early until late Hot massage OFallon On the eve of departure, she told a French reporter: "I passionately love this life of adventures.

I detest knowing in advance what they are going to serve Sasha beauty supply Edmond KS my dinner, and I detest a hundred thousand times more knowing what will happen to me, for better or worse. I adore the unexpected.

Sasha beauty supply Edmond KS

In every city she visited, she was feted and cheered by audiences. The actors Edouard Angelo and Philippe Garnier were her leading men. Massage Peoria upon thames Pedro II of Brazil attended all of her performances in Rio de Janeiroand presented her with a gold bracelet with diamonds, which was almost immediately stolen from her hotel. The two leading actors both fell ill with yellow feverand her long-time manager, Edward Jarrett, died Dating sites South San Francisco or a heart attack.

Bernhardt was undaunted, however, and went crocodile hunting at Guayaquiland also bought more animals for her menagerie. Her performances in every city were sold out, and by the end of the tour, she had earned more than a million francs.

The tour Hartford bdsm escort her to purchase her final home, which she filled with her Sasha beauty supply Edmond KS, plants, souvenirs, and animals. From then on, whenever she ran short of money which generally happened every three or Sasha beauty supply Edmond KS yearsshe went on tour, performing both her classics and new plays. She returned to Paris in early with Sasha beauty supply Edmond KS enormous owl given to her by the Grand Duke Alexis Alexandrovich, the brother of the Czar.

Her personal luggage consisted of 45 costume crates Korean king spa Stratford her 15 different productions, and 75 crates for her off-stage clothing, including her pairs of shoes. She carried a trunk for her perfumes, cosmetics and makeup, and another for her sheets and Sasha beauty supply Edmond KS and her five pillows.

After the tour, she brought Sex in Daytona Beach island a trunk filled with 3, francs, but she also suffered a painful injury to her knee when she leaped off the parapet of the Castello Sant' USA vs Jersey City online free in La Tosca. The mattress on which she was supposed to land was misplaced, and she landed on the boards.

The theater management was willing to forget the conflict of her two periods there, and offered a payment offrancs a year. Vip San Mateo massage money appealed to her, and she began negotiations. Moreover, what roles could she have? I can only imagine that she could play mothers It Vip massage La Habra CA Sasha beauty supply Edmond KS popular, and critically acclaimed.

Bernhardt played the role for 29 consecutive sold-out performances. The success of the play allowed Bernhardt to buy a new pet lion for her household menagerie.

She named him Scarpia, Escorts in northern Irondequoit the villain of La Tosca. Following this success, she acted in several revivals and classics, and many French writers offered her new plays. Zola had ly been attacked due to the book's confronting Naughty Jackson chat. Asked why she chose this play, she declared to reporters, "My true country is the free air, and my vocation is art without constraints.

A short drama she wrote herself, L'Aveudisappointed both critics and the audience and lasted only 12 performances. She had considerably more success with Jeanne d'Arc by the poet Jules Barbierin which the year-old actress Sasha beauty supply Edmond KS Joan of Arca year-old martyr.

Her next success was another melodrama by Sardou and MoreauCleopatrawhich allowed her to wear elaborate costumes and finished with a memorable death scene. For this scene, she kept two Escorts df Des Moines garter snakes, which played the role of the poisonous asp which bites Cleopatra.

For realism, she painted the palms of her hands red, though they could hardly be seen from Sasha beauty supply Edmond KS audience. Bernhardt's violent portrayal of Cleopatra led to the theatrical story of a matron in the audience exclaiming to her companion "How unlike, how very unlike, the home life of Real Denver sex report Sasha beauty supply Edmond KS dear Queen!

Bernhardt in Gismonda by Victorien Sardou Poster for Gismonda by Alphonse Mucha Bernhardt made a two-year Island foot massage Niagara Falls New York tour — to replenish her finances.

She managed every aspect of the theater, from the finances to the lighting, sets, and costumes, as well as appearing in eight performances a week. She Beautiful new Palm Bay women in her theater the common practice of hiring claqueurs in the audience to applaud stars.

He continued to make posters of her for six years. In five years, Bernhardt produced nine Swingers in Rio Rancho roads, three of which were financially successful.

Inshe had another success, in the play Lorenzaccioplaying the male lead role in a Renaissance revenge drama Sasha beauty supply Edmond KS in by Alfred de Mussetbut never Adonis massage studio Tustin actually staged. As her biographer Cornelia Otis Skinner wrote, she did not try to be overly masculine when she performed male roles: "Her male impersonations had the sexless grace of the voices of choirboys, or the not quite real pathos of Pierrot.

Her co-star was Lucien Guitrywho also acted as her leading man until the end of her career. Besides Guitry, she shared the stage with Edouard de Max, her leading man in 20 productions, and Constant Coquelinwho frequently toured with. In Aprilshe played the lead role in a romantic and poetic fantasy, Princess Lointaineby little-known year-old poet Edmond Rostand. It was not a monetary success Sasha beauty supply Edmond KS lostfrancs, but it began a long theatrical relationship between Bernhardt and Rostand.

Sasha beauty supply Edmond KS went on to write Cyrano de Bergerac and became one of the most popular French playwrights of the period. Inshe performed the female lead in the controversial Harmony massage and reflexology Riverside La Ville Morte by the Italian poet and playwright Gabriele D'Annunzio ; the play was fiercely attacked by critics because of its theme of incest between brother and sister.

The issue divided Sasha beauty supply Edmond KS society; a American pitbull terrier breeders in Lynn newspaper ran the headline, "Sarah Bernhardt has ed the Jews against the Army", and Bernhardt's own son Maurice condemned Dreyfus; he refused to speak to her for a year. Despite her successes, her debts continued to mount, reaching two million gold francs by the end of The theater had 1, seats, twice the size of the Renaissance, enabling her to pay off the cost of performances more quickly; it had an enormous stage and backstage, allowing her to present several different plays a week; and since it was originally deed as a concert hall, it had excellent acoustics.

On 1 Januaryshe ed a year lease with the City of Paris, though she was already 55 years old.

The facade was lit by 5, electric bulbs, 17 arc lights, and 11 projectors. Her dressing room was a five-room suite, which, after the success of her Napoleonic play L'Aiglonwas decorated in Empire Stylefeaturing a marble fireplace with a fire Bernhardt kept burning year round, a huge bathtub that was filled with Sasha beauty supply Edmond KS flowers she received after each performance, and a dining room fitting 12 people, where she entertained guests after the final curtain.

Bernhardt opened the theater on 21 January with a revival of Sardou's La Toscawhich she had first performed in The British critic Max Beerbohm wrote, "the only compliment one can conscientiously pay her is that her Hamlet was, from first to last, a truly grand dame. InBernhardt presented L'Aiglona new Mitchell brothers theater Springfield by Rostand.

L'Aiglon was a verse drama, six acts long. The year-old actress studied the walk and posture of young cavalry officers and had Massage glen Kissimmee USA hair cut short to impersonate the young Duke.

The play ended with a memorable death scene; according to one critic, she died Chat for free Jackson dying angels would die if they were allowed to.

The play inspired the creation of Bernhardt souvenirs, including statuettes, medallions, fans, perfumes, postcards of her in the role, uniforms and cardboard swords for children, and pastries and cakes; the famed chef Escoffier added Peach Aiglon with Chantilly Cream to his repertoire of desserts.

Bernhardt continued to employ Mucha to de her posters, and expanded his work to include theatrical sets, programs, costumes, and jewelry props. His posters became icons of the Art Nouveau style.

To earn more money, Bernhardt set aside a certain of printed posters of each play to sell to collectors. On this tour, she traveled with Constant Coquelin, then the most popular leading man in France. Bernhardt played the secondary role of Roxanne to his Cyrano Ciudad Colorado Springs USA escorts Bergeraca role which he had premiered, and he co-starred with her as Flambeau in L'Aiglon and as the first grave-digger in Hamlet.

She also changed, for the first time, her resolution not to perform in Germany or the "occupied territories" of Alsace Sasha beauty supply Edmond KS Lorraine. Inat the invitation of the French ministry of culture, she took part in the first cultural exchange between Germany and France since the war. During her German tour, she began to suffer agonizing pain in her right knee, probably connected with a fall she had suffered on stage during her tour in South America.

She was forced to reduce her movements in L'Aiglon. A German doctor recommended that she halt the tour immediately and have surgery, followed by six months of complete immobilization of her leg. Bernhardt promised to see Sasha beauty supply Edmond KS doctor when she returned to Paris, but continued the tour. Inshe had another unsuccessful role playing another masculine character Sasha beauty supply Edmond KS the opera Werthera gloomy adaptation of the story by German writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

She played a Moorish sorceress in love with a Christian Spaniard, leading to her persecution by the church. This story of tolerance, coming soon after the Sasha beauty supply Edmond KS affair, was financially successful, Sasha beauty supply Edmond KS Bernhardt often giving both a matinee and evening performance. Instead, she took aspiring actresses and actors into her company, trained them, and used them as unpaid extras and bit players. Bernhardt made her first American Farewell Tour in —, the first of four farewell tours she made to the US, Canada, and Latin America, Massage eden Fort Smith GA her new managers, the Shubert brothers.

She attracted controversy and press attention when, during her visit to Montreal, the Roman Catholic bishop encouraged his followers to throw eggs at Bernhardt, because she portrayed prostitutes as sympathetic characters. The US portion of the tour was complicated due to the Shuberts' competition with the powerful syndicate of theater owners which controlled nearly all the major theaters and opera houses in the United States.

The syndicate did not allow outside producers to use their stages. As a result, in Texas and Kansas City, Bernhardt and her company performed under Sasha beauty supply Edmond KS enormous circus tent, seating 4, spectators, and in skating rinks in Atlanta, Savannah, Tampa, and other cities. She could not play Quick heal antivirus single user price in Baldwin Park San Francisco because of the recent San Francisco earthquakebut she performed across the bay in the Hearst Greek Theatre at the University of California at Berkeley, and gave a recital, titled A Christmas Night during the Terrorfor inmates at San Quentin penitentiary.

Her tour continued into South America, where it was marred by a Womens hospital Lawrence serious event: at the conclusion of La Tosca in Rio de Janeiro, she Sasha beauty supply Edmond KS, as always, from the wall of the fortress to plunge to her death in the Tiber. This time, however, the mattress on which Dating scams Lynchburg USA was supposed to land had been positioned incorrectly.

She landed on her right knee, which had already been damaged in earlier tours. She fainted and was taken from the theater on a stretcher, but refused to be treated in a local hospital. She later sailed the few hours by ship from Rio to New York.

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When she arrived, her leg had swollen, and she was immobilized in her hotel for 15 days before returning to France. In —, the French government finally awarded Bernhardt the Legion of Honor, but Sasha beauty supply Edmond KS in her role as a theater director, not as an actress. However, the award at that time required a review of the recipients' moral standards, Korean restaurant in Akron Bernhardt's behavior was still considered scandalous.

Bernhardt ignored the snub and continued to play both inoffensive and controversial characters. French newspapers encouraged schoolchildren to view her personification of French patriotism. Despite the injury to her leg, she continued Where to meet russian girls in Manteca go on tour every summer, when her own theater in Sasha beauty supply Edmond KS was closed.

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