Purple jacaranda trees

These jacaranda trees, currently in bloom in southern Australia, are beautiful!  These pictures show how these spectacular trees line the streets in Adelaide…


The pictures remind me of our crab apple trees in the spring and our maple trees in the fall here in Canada.  The striking purple color of the jacaranda trees grabbed my attention of course because GRAY IS NOT MY COLOR;  I am a blatant  PURPLEHOLIC.



2 thoughts on “Purple jacaranda trees

  1. Oh, I remember how they were like that in Los Angeles! The purplish blue stripes could be seen when flying into the airport. Streets were so uniformly lined with them. Now, they are more sporadic. so many of the trees grew up and got too messy, so were cut down. The blue stripes are not so continuous.

  2. so pretty – we have them here in Souther California too – I love them, though some people hate how the flowers mess up their cars

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