Carpenter ants damage

These pictures show you the damage carpenter ants have caused in the wood of our cottage.  We have noticed lots of ants lately and came across this damage during a recent patio and deck renovation.  Carpenter ants do not actually eat the wood like termites do, but chew through wood that is old or constantly damp.  The next worry is how much damage is behind that front board above the door in the basement ceiling and the floor of the main level.

We have seen the damage carpenter ants can cause on DIY shows, but had hoped not to experience it first hand…


6 thoughts on “Carpenter ants damage

  1. Carpenter ants are named wrong. Carpenters build things. Seems to me the ants are more a part of the demolition crew… Shouldn’t them be demolition ants or tunneling ants?

  2. I agree with Andrew Reynolds! These guys are definitely no help in any way…So sorry to hear this.. I hope they didn’t get behind that front board!

  3. […] the damage carpenter ants caused in the wooden boards of our deck at the cottage as described in a previous post.  Although the damage was ugly, the tunnels created by the ants appeared very […]

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