Awesome autumn

The best part of autumn is the awesome display of color in the trees and gardens.  Our weather here in Ottawa has been spectacular, in fact so spectacular that I have put off preparing garden beds for the winter.  All of my clients’ gardens are looking great with their late season displays…

…annuals are still going strong, in containers:

annual-containerscoleus-containers-3coleus-containerspig 1


and in the gardens:


late blooming perennials are still glorious:


and ornamental grasses are at their showiest:


I hope we have a few more weeks of this awesome weather to enjoy the gardens before the cold weather hits.

4 thoughts on “Awesome autumn

  1. These late blooming perennials really are gorgeous. My wife has a few of the Rose of Sharon such as you have in a couple of pictures. Some of these have succumbed to the elements of winter, so we are very careful to give a bit more protection to the survivors.

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. the trick with them is to leave the foliage on them for the winter, then leave them alone in the spring, they come out quite a bit later than everything else in the spring, I always think mine are dead

  3. Thank you for this. Going to try this with the foliage. They certainly do look dead 1st thing in the spring, while everything else is budding.

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