Que sera sera

“Que sera sera,

Whatever will be will be,

The future’s not ours to see,

Que sera sera.”

That was the chorus of a song my mother used to sing all the time back in the 60s and 70s.  I was reminded of it recently when observing my grandson’s attention to detail.  I started wondering what he might do for a career, way down the road.  He did just turn one.  I am fascinated that he has always been fascinated with textures and gadgets like door pulls, door stops, light switches, openings or holes.

The next part of the song went like this…

“I asked my mother, what will I be?”

“Will I be handsome?”  (Of course you will)

“Will I be rich?”  (Who knows)

“Here’s what she said to me…”


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4 thoughts on “Que sera sera

  1. My dad, your dad’s cousin, used to sing this to me while playing his guitar. Ah the memories! I sang it to my kids too. Your little guy is a sweetheart. I see so many possibilities in your pictures……a carpenter, a biologist, a skydiver (there’s just something about the window shot), a concert pianist, a farmer? So many possibilities and so exciting! Also, I love reading your blogs. Keep ’em coming!

  2. thank you, it was a very popular song. My sister tells me she used to sing it to me too

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