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This week, February 14th to 21st, is Random acts of Kindness Week.  Even though the week is half over, be sure to perform a few RAKs yourself.  Random acts of kindness don’t have to be expensive or  time-consuming or even premeditated; that’s why they are called random.

When I started this post, I had no idea that random acts of kindness were so popular.  I googled the term and was pleasantly surprised to find the many websites and events dedicated to performing random acts of kindness…

CHARLOTTE BACON ACTS OF KINDNESS AWARDS  is such as site, based on the tragic 2012 death  of Charlotte, 20 classmates and 6 staff members at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut.

LOVE THIS CITY  is a website dedicated to love bombs or random acts of kindness organized by church groups.  Originating in Auckland City, New Zealand in 2013 the idea is catching on around the world.  The premise is to spread kindness, generosity, thoughtfulness, and  love in the form of random acts of kindness to unsuspecting strangers, for nothing in return. Although originally focusing on people who often go unrecognized in a city, such as policemen, bus drivers, street cleaners etc, the movement is spreading to include everyone and anyone…



Another website describes a FOUNDATION  based on random acts of kindness where you can find stories and ideas on how to “pay it forward”  The founders of this site call themselves RAKtivists, hoping to change the world with their trail of warm fuzzy feelings created by each random act of kindness.  The foundation has a TWITTER ACCOUNT  with the name @RAKFoundation.

The more I research this subject, the more I like the idea that these RAKtivists have put in motion.  The pay it forward concept has always appealed to me.  I know small acts of kindness can go a long way to help others feel good or better about themselves.  Let’s celebrate this week with RAKs of our own.




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3 thoughts on “Celebrate random acts of kindness week

  1. Mom thinks this is a great idea. She gave a coupon for $25 off to a lady who didn’t have one because she had two. The lady was blown away and the cashiers said it was OK to do. Mom said, “pay it forward”. Thanks for this!!

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