Melamagic clean

Melamagic is my favourite in the many cleaning and other products  MELALEUCA has to offer.  It is the only product that works well for me on the soap scum and dirt that gets embedded in the fibreglass of our main shower.  It also works on toilets, countertops, floors, outdoor furniture and more.  Recently I used it to clean many years of dirt off our back deck.  Here is the proof in pictures, with the “befores” on the right, and the “afters” on the left.  The last picture shows the “during” where you can see the difference as I am working on it.


I also used it recently, or at least my husband did, to clean off years of grime on our old boat in preparation to sell it:


The best thing about this product and all other Melaleuca products is that they are made with tea tree oil, a natural substance, so you do not have to worry about toxic effects on yourself, your children, your pets or the environment.

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