Inspirational people

This page was created to showcase inspirational people I know that impress me with their talent, passion or compassion.


Visit JSD for information on my niece’s graphic design career.  She designed this new logo for my gardening business.

inspirational people




Andrew Waines is a talented young man whose music career is taking off.  I have known Andrew for many years as he and my youngest son have been friends since primary school.  Listen to Andrew Waines here to hear his version of Last Christmas, other live covers and his original.

inspirational people




Another talented young entertainer is the daughter of a friend of my husband’s.  Olivia was the subject of a recent post when she performed in CHICAGO.  She also sings with her fiance in a group called PJ & OLI.

inspirational people




Another recent post described other inspirational people I have encountered, including the founder of THE LIVING ROOM.  Please check out her blog and lend support to a forum that connects survivors of sexual abuse.

inspirational people


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