Get Paid to Blog

Get paid to blog. It is a goal many bloggers strive for.  If you wish to do so there are many options out there.  However, none of them are get rich quick themes. All methods require hard work and patience.  I will share the options  LORIEB is successful with as I discover them.  Simply click on the links below for details on how to start getting paid to blog:

PAYperPOSTand PAYU2BLOG are just two of many sites where you can get paid to blog.  Both of these options use forms of social media.  They provide the topic or product, you write the advertisement and post it on your social media site of their choice.



Are you confused about the difference between Google Adsense and WordAds?  Don’t worry, many bloggers are. Learn the details here to build your own ads or place their ads on your blog.

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Good luck with your goal of getting paid to blog.  Hopefully, these options point you in the right direction.