The best things about fall

Fall is not my favourite time of year, in fact it is probably my least favourite season here in Canada.  (Almost) everything in my gardens is dying off and there is a distinct chill in the air hinting at the winter weather that is lurking around the corner.  There are a (measly) few things however that I do like about the season.  On my list of the best things about fall are…

  • warm, fuzzy sweaters
  • boots, especially the little, lightweight ones (booties) that go with every outfit
  • glorious splashes of orange, yellow and red provided by the leaves in the otherwise drab landscape
  • the roses in the gardens that just don’t want to give it up



What’s on your list?

2 thoughts on “The best things about fall

  1. Absolutely the oranges, reds, golds of autumn! Fireplace on to remove the morning chill. Hockey and CFL on at the same time. Thanksgiving dinner. Not stinking hot! No mosquitos! Sorry Lori, has to be MY favourite season. Time is coming for you and your plants to take a rest.

  2. agreed to some point, I just don’t like the fact that all the good things are indoor activities, I LOVE the outdoors

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