End of July blooms in zone 4 to 5

In bloom the end of July here in my Ottawa zone 4 to 5 gardens are more lilies, more roses, more of everything that was in bloom last week.

The lily trees are absolutely spectacular. There must be close to thirty blossoms on the three plants at my front lamp post and more in my back garden. I have also planted some of these lily trees in my clients’ gardens.


My favourite rose this end of July is a pale, blush pink:

end of July
palest pink rose


As I was walking around my backyard, a pair of cardinals were flitting through my plum tree watching me. The red male really stood out against the green of the leaves, he came to within a few feet of me…




2 thoughts on “End of July blooms in zone 4 to 5

  1. So pretty! Love all those blooms! You have a colorful yard! We’ve had some hummingbirds and butterflies flying around the garden. Thank you for sharing!

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