All Natural Mosquito Repellent

As promised in my recent post entitled “Monster Mosquitoes”  I have discovered a remarkable homemade recipe for mosquito repellent…

Today I spent four hours working in a client’s garden in Nepean.  It was a very hot afternoon; 27 degrees Celsius or 39 degrees with the humidity.  At times it was cloudy wit!h storm clouds threatening, other times it was sunny.  I worked in the sun and shade in this garden.  Before I left home I slathered myself with sunscreen as per my usual routine and then sprayed my clothes as well as my exposed arms, legs, neck and hair with my new concoction….

I am thrilled to report that not one mosquito bit me today, in fact not one even landed on me!  I did see a few getting close, but they certainly did not like my scent, and quickly flew off to find someone else to bite.  I did not even hear any of that annoying buzzing around me; you know, the sound they make just before they land and bite you…

Don’t worry, this scent is not offensive, in fact I love the smell.  Those of you who know me well will realize there is no way I would spray any toxic, strong-smelling, artificial chemicals on my skin and clothes.  To do so would give me an instant headache and coughing fits.

My next step is to make up a large batch, bottle it, and get other people to try it out; if you are interested, let me know…


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  1. Is it possible to get the recipe for the mosquito repellent? please

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