Try Foody Hugs in your kitchen

I ordered three sets of these foody hugs recently through a Facebook advertisement. I kept one set for myself and gave a set to each of my sons that no longer live at home.

I love the foody hugs, have tried them on onions, tomatoes, avocados, and lemons so far.  I even put one on the top of a water bottle I had poured my homemade almond milk into to store in the refrigerator.  They are easy to use, clean and store.  They are inexpensive and better for you than using saran wrap on your cut fruits and vegetables.

Watch the video using the link above.  If you think these foody hugs will make your life easier in the kitchen,  order some using the link below.



3 thoughts on “Try Foody Hugs in your kitchen

  1. I saw the Facebook ad on this and I’m so tempted to order them. Are they really good and able to keep tomato fresh?

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