Happy birthday from above

I read somewhere that when a cardinal (the red bird type) makes an appearance in your yard, they have come to tell you that a departed loved one is thinking of you.  As I was pouring a cup of coffee first thing this morning, I noticed this bright red cardinal in my garden…

As he hopped through my (still snow covered) garden, he stopped to pose a few times and sing a few notes before a female cardinal joined him.  As she is less brilliant in color, a brownish red instead of the bright red, she was harder to photograph.

I think the cardinals were a Happy Birthday message from my dearly departed parents.  My dad was an avid bird lover, and my mother was never far from his side…

4 thoughts on “Happy birthday from above

  1. Aw, I’ve never heard of that before, but I think it’s so beautiful! Next time I see a cardinal it will make me that much happier! 🙂

  2. Yes, I’ve heard that about cardinals. Every time I spot one in my yard, it warms my heart and reminds me of all the loved ones I’ve lost… I enjoy reading all your blogs, Lori! Keep it up! Your topics are really interesting and you write so beautifully. xo

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