Shelley’s battle to beat lung cancer

This video was created on YOU TUBE by a dear family friend whose wife died of lung cancer at the (much too) young age of 51…


This is a very sad story, but apparently very common.  Dave’s message is painfully clear; please share it.  Get any symptoms checked out and demand answers when you feel something is not quite right with your health.  If you feel you have been misdiagnosed, keep pushing.  A simple xray, taken when her symptoms first appeared, could have helped Shelley.


My mother passed away at the age of 65, also from lung cancer.  She too was much too young to die.   Feeling tired and short of breath, she sought medical attention. She was misdiagnosed with and treated for pneumonia after an xray showed fluid in her lungs.  Unfortunately, by the time the fluid was tested (at my insistence, by another doctor) to determine the cause of the fluid, it was too late.  Her lung cancer was too advanced to treat.

Be proactive and persistent for your own health and that of your loved ones.  Early detection is the best way to beat cancer of any kind!

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