July garden pictures

Welcome to my gardens:


As you go through the gate, my “ICU” is on the right side along the fence and beside the steps.  Any unwanted plants I rescue from clients’ gardens get potted up and live here until I can recycle them into other gardens.  My son built the shelving unit on the right to use as a potting bench as well as a spot to store my pots, soil, tools etc.




As my children grew, so did my gardens; there is very little lawn left these days.  Beyond the white arbor is my compost corner.  The fences are covered with vines and the beds chock full of perennials.  Two apple trees and a lilac on one side and two plum trees on the other add shady spots with dappled sun, while the center offers full sun conditions. This variation in growing conditions allows for a wide range of perennials…


The pond was put in years ago as a Mother’s Day gift.  The racoons came from my father’s garden and the frog is a new visitor.  Unfortunately, the real racoons that visit frequently like to knock over these guys; I often find one or all of them in the pond!…


The front yard has lots of sun, so it is great for roses, lilies and succulents.  The focus of the front garden is the “dwarf” blue spruce that was supposed to reach 5 feet.  It is currently at least 12 feet tall…



Various pots and containers offer added color throughout the gardens…


What I love most about the gardens is how they change from week to week from spring to fall.




25 thoughts on “July garden pictures

  1. I, too save plants and pot mimosa trees that sprouted in the “wrong” spot. Running out of room and now need to give some away. It’s good to have healthy plants around us.

  2. love walking through your garden! My patches are pretty well overgrown, but I love walkinbg around. Can anyone give me some pointers about Bittersweet? Mine got sort of wiped out, but I think I have some trying to grow above the giant trees that took over. 🙂

  3. sorry, don’t know much about bittersweet, have planted a few in clients’ gardens, seem to be doing well, are in full sun locations though

  4. my grandmother always liked bittersweet. When I planted it about 15 years ago it was in full sun…now inundated by huge trees…deep shade. I’m going to build it a fence to climb on…:-)

  5. […] So, this season I am trying shrub roses, (much hardier than bushes) false spirea, forsythia and lilac bushes, as well as a plum and a maple tree, all of which grow prolifically in my gardens.  With the exception of the plum tree that might be a bust, the others are reliably hardy for this area (zone 2).  The two mature plums trees in my gardens send up shoots all over the yard so I won’t feel so bad if the one in the pot does not survive.  These subjects of my experiment have all been grown from cuttings in my ICU… […]

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