This Sign Makes me Laugh every Morning…

I have to chuckle when I see this sign each morning I drive my son to school.  It is located at the roadside of a parkland setting that is surrounded by a new Urbandale housing development here in Kanata:

cropped bird sign

Most times I only wish I had my camera to take a picture so I could share the humour with you; today is your lucky day…

Obviously the park is used by nature lovers not happy with the new development.  I am not sure why a City of Ottawa sign is there anyway, but someone found a clever and humorous use for it!


5 thoughts on “This Sign Makes me Laugh every Morning…

  1. I’m glad I read carefully and didn’t rely on the photo for the message. At first I thought someone had written a sign to “unwelcome” the birds! Ha! Someone was very clever!

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