What’s religion got to do with it?

This reblog about the  controversial, global dilemma of accepting refugees was titled “In which I tell you how religion works” but I have put my own slant on it.  I like the message from it, just do not want to imply that I have the knowledge or desire to tell anyone how religion works…

2 thoughts on “What’s religion got to do with it?

  1. America has taken in a huge number of refugees over the years, but the men coming over now are terrorists, not refugees. I have every right to live in peace without fear of being shot because obama wants to destroy this country. It’s not paranoia; it’s fact.
    I have known Jesus as my Savior since I was 12 years old. I have the 10 commandments to follow and the 11th one of loving my neighbor. There is nothing in the Bible that says I HAVE to take care of the poor. Jesus told us that the poor are with us alway. I think Jesus talked more about salvation than the poor. I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree on that one.
    We all have free will whether we’re a Christian or not. I have helped the poor often throughout my life as have a lot of others, but they’re still around.
    I’m sorry for those who don’t know Jesus as their savior and have Him in their heart. He is a wonderful companion and the best friend you could ever have.

  2. my point is I do not believe religion has anything to do with the ability to show compassion. Humans, regardless of what religion they practice, even if they do not practice any religion, should show compassion towards those in need. That’s what makes the human race superior to other species.

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