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The Fringe Festival, Ottawa’s largest theatre festival,  is in town this week, from June 20th to 30th, on the University of Ottawa campus.  I was there Thursday evening and Sunday afternoon/evening to check it out.

I went to see “Botched” which is, unexpectedly, a comedy of sorts.  All three actors were impressive: witty, entertaining and yes, quite funny considering the abortion based story line.  I was warned ahead of time that it was a “dark” comedy, but was pleasantly surprised and definitely amused, as it touched on all angles of the abortion experience; a thought provoking and controversial issue in today’s society…

I have to admit, I am new to the world of theatre and had never heard of the Fringe Festival.   One of the actors in “Botched”, the daughter of my husband’s friend,  is staying with us in Ottawa this week throughout the festival.  Olivia Lloyd grew up in Belleville Ontario, but currently lives and works in Toronto as a fledgling actor.

I plan to take in more shows at the Fringe Festival with Olivia this week; the variety of shows is quite extensive, and the cost of admission a very reasonable $10 per show.

You too can become a Fringer;  check it out at


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