Another cottage project for Father’s Day

Last year on Father’s Day our sons brought a truck load of cedars up to the cottage for us to plant along the edges of our property for a privacy screen.  The project was a great success, a wonderful way to spend Father’s Day.

Everyone who owns a cottage knows there is always something to be done there.  We are currently in the middle of renovating a patio and deck, a job we decided to prioritize when our pipes froze and required digging up.   This year for Father’s Day our sons spent the day helping their dad work on this project…

Their hard work was topped off with a jump in the lake to cool and clean off, then a BBQ dinner, before they headed back to the city for a soccer game…

Even the weather co-operated; the forecasted rain and thunderstorms held off until our ride home later that evening.  The flowers have nothing to do with the project, just thought I would add them in as they were blooming beautifully this past weekend.

Hopefully this gift of time for Father’s Day becomes a tradition; I know it is much appreciated!

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