Proud momma bear

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Nothing makes a momma bear prouder than compliments about her children.  This past weekend as my eldest son got married, I was honored and humbled by the number of people that commented on how handsome, polite, respectful,  charming and well-rounded all three of my sons are.

I have always believed that a mother’s most important job is raising her children, so it was very rewarding to hear that others recognize that I (we, as I must give credit to my husband too) have done a decent job.

This momma bear could not be prouder!


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Suicide Prevention Hotline

Suicide, especially amongst young adults, is rampant in today’s society, all around the world.  My nephew in Texas asked his Facebook friends to post this number, (the words below the number are his) which inspired me to write this post.  Please share this number, it is operational in both the US and Canada.

 Suicide Prevention Hotline (USA and CANADA)
1-800 273 8255
It’s OK not to be OK
22 a day is too high

On being a Grandma

I have always claimed that my greatest accomplishments in life are my three sons.  Now that I am a Grandma too, I am discovering that this experience is right up there with being a mom, although I cannot claim it as an accomplishment.

I so envy the current generation having children with their parents willing and able to help with their grandchildren.  And, I admire the grandparents willing to spend the quality time with their grandchildren.  I am also very grateful that my two eldest sons have settled close to home, so any grandchildren they produce will be close by.  In my generation, we went to visit our grandparents once in a while, but always as a family (mine had 8 members) and usually for special occasions where the house was full of cousins and other relatives.

Spending the last few days with my grandson I am reminded of how miraculous a new baby is.  From the moment they are conceived to the time they are full grown, their progress is an amazing accomplishment, one we as humans should be incredibly proud of and grateful for.

It is such a joy to spend quality time with a grandchild, even a tiny one that spends most of the day eating, sleeping, spitting up and pooping with bouts of unexplained wailing.  Even my gardens have taken a back seat this week as I babysit (that’s what the parents call it, I call it bonding with) my grandson.

Worst nightmare


My worst nightmare may be coming true.  Years ago, back in the late 80s and early 90s, I suffered through three stillbirths and three miscarriages.  Because they were never able to determine what caused my ordeal with my pregnancies, I have always worried that my three sons might encounter similar problems.

One of the suspicions way back then was cardiovascular abnormalities, but it was never confirmed or ruled out. Today I learned that my son’s baby has an irregular heartbeat (atrial flutter) detected during a routine ultrasound.  Hopefully, modern technology can help solve and deal with the problem today.  if nothing else, I am hoping and praying that because mom is 37 weeks along in the pregnancy they can induce labor and deliver a healthy baby boy.

Now I know the heartache my mother felt, waiting for the phone to ring with news…

Beware the Pokemon Go craze


Have you heard about the new Pokemon Go game app?  My son is consumed by it.  He is not 2 or 3 as he was when he was first obsessed with Pokemon, or even 7 or 8, but almost 19!  He and his friends walk around the neighbourhood “hunting” Pokemon characters and defeating “gym leaders” with their cell phones.

Mix the reality of local landmarks (players use their phone’s GPS to navigate) with the fun and challenge of the game, as well as all the walking and you have Pokemon Go.  It is aimed at the over 10-year-old crowd, but it doesn’t appear to have an age limit.  I guess the exercise is the upside, as you cannot play on the sofa in front of a TV screen.  Another plus; the app is free for android and  Iphones.

Social media has caught the Pokemon Go fever too.  These two jokes regarding this newest craze were recently posted on Facebook…



So, if you see youngsters wandering around, head down, eyes glued to their phones, don’t be alarmed, they are probably just hunting Pokemon.  My son caught one in my garden last night; go figure, here I was blaming the rabbits for eating my plants.

Today’s fathers



Reading all of the tributes on social media for Father’s day, I got to thinking how fathers have evolved over the years.  Not that my father didn’t love me, I just don’t think it was acceptable for men to show their soft, emotional sides.  The dads went to work to support the family financially; the moms stayed home to look after the kids emotionally, mentally and physically.  Families were much larger back then too (mine had 6 kids in 8 years) so neither parent had many opportunities for quality one on one time with a child.

When my children were babies, it was just starting to become “cool” for dads to push baby strollers and take paternity leave.  Today fathers are much more involved in their child(ren)s day to day lives.  Attending school functions and sporting events, often even coaching their child’s sports teams.

I think this evolution benefits both the kids and the fathers, not to mentions the wives and mothers.  After all, what is more attractive to a woman than a man that takes the time to enjoy and relate to his kids?  It’s right up there with a man doing housework!