Allow the Wonder Wall to captivate you!


The Wonder Wall
The Wonder Wall

Recently I attended a book launch to support a friend who has co-created a masterpiece named the Wonder Wall.  I don’t usually get much reading done in the summer, but I am so impressed with this book I am making an exception this week.

The Wonder Wall is aimed at formal and informal educators of all kinds.  Teachers from kindergarten to university, scientists, managers, team leaders, administrators, parents, and volunteers alike can learn from this.  After all, we humans are all educators of some sort.  Whether you want to motivate and encourage children or adults, this book is for you.  The motivation can occur within a school, start-up business or major corporation.  Or an office, hospital, police force, daycare, or community association.  The concepts within the Wonder Wall are easily applicable to everyone and anyone.

I tried to put the ideas from this book into my own words to share with you.  I found that my efforts could simply not do justice to the witty, inspirational way this masterpiece is written.   So, I am cheating; these few excerpts are literally straight from the book…


three imperatives:

  • recognize there is a seed of brilliance in everyone
  • adopt a strength-based approach
  • create cultures of belonging

four conditions:

  • storytelling and listening
  • moving beyond diversity to inclusivity
  • making it personal
  • celebrating


  • good listener, approachable, personable
  • understanding, empathetic, respectful, caring
  • motivational, inspirational, visionary
  • honest, trustworthy, dependable, consistent
  • knowledgeable, informed, displaying expertise
  • good communicator
  • positive, enthusiastic, energetic


  • leads by example
  • provides support, encouragement, motivation
  • seeks input
  • inclusive/fair
  • approachable/friendly
  • professional/responsible
  • positive/energetic
  • respectful
  • sympathetic/understanding
  • team player/builds relationships

Learn the details of these compelling points, plus many more insightful strategies and how they can apply to your life.  Read the book yourself!

Inspire yourself.  Purchase the Wonder Wall at your local bookstore or online through Amazon.   I promise you will be captivated, and amused as you read and reread through the pages.




More home renovations

Stage two of our home renovations are now complete!  Stage One involved our front entranceway.  Our main floor powder room has been transformed from drab, boring and outdated into a beautiful, stylish and modern bathroom.  Everything was removed. Out with the old vanity, toilet, medicine cabinet/mirror, light, flooring, and paint.


Some DIY repairs and preparation included rerouting the plumbing because it would not fit behind the new vanity. Plum colored walls were painted a neutral taupe shade…


Next, came the new flooring, the same taupe and gray pattern we used in the hallway…


and finally, in with the new features.  The toilet, vanity, sink, and granite counter top came from GUS’ KITCHEN AND BATH. The light fixture and mirror came from Lowes.  Flooring was custom ordered from Home Depot.


The only thing that returned to the room after the renovations is a picture on the wall.  I plan to pick the deep purple color of the trilliums in the picture as my accent color for towels, soap dish and other accessories.



Thyme in a bottle

Thyme is a natural herb that has been used for centuries due to its medicinal and disinfectant properties.  This article by Healthy Food House reminded me of the many uses for thyme that I knew about, plus many I had never heard of.


In my home,  I use a product from the MELALEUCA line of products, called Soluguard, whose main ingredient is thyme.  I use my “thyme in a bottle” as a disinfectant on countertops, floors, walls, shower stalls, door knobs, and more.  It is a wonderful alternative to toxic household cleaners.  It also makes a great deodorizer (from garbage cans to stinky boots, shoes and sporting equipment) and stain remover all over the house.


In the garden, I use my thyme in a bottle to disinfect plant pots and to keep bugs from eating my plants.  It also makes a great disinfectant and skin soother on any cuts, scratches, stings and rashes I get from working in gardens all day.

My thyme in a bottle is amazing!

You gotta have faith


Funerals always make me think.  I just returned from one where the service was about the subject of faith.  Not just faith as the belief in and practice of religion, but faith as an individual practice.

als always make me think.  I just returned from one where the service was about the subject of faith.  Not just faith as the belief in and practice of religion, but faith as an individual practice. Continue reading

Melamagic clean

Melamagic is my favourite in the many cleaning and other products  MELALEUCA has to offer.  It is the only product that works well for me on the soap scum and dirt that gets embedded in the fibreglass of our main shower.  It also works on toilets, countertops, floors, outdoor furniture and more.  Recently I used it to clean many years of dirt off our back deck.  Here is the proof in pictures, with the “befores” on the right, and the “afters” on the left.  The last picture shows the “during” where you can see the difference as I am working on it.


I also used it recently, or at least my husband did, to clean off years of grime on our old boat in preparation to sell it:


The best thing about this product and all other Melaleuca products is that they are made with tea tree oil, a natural substance, so you do not have to worry about toxic effects on yourself, your children, your pets or the environment.

I found my sunglasses!



A few weeks ago I misplaced the sunglasses that I wear to work in gardens.  They are safety glasses that wrap around the sides of my eyes to protect me from branches, debris, splashing etc.   You know, the ones I tried to smash a few months ago LOL.  Although I was pretty sure they were at a specific client’s home, I could not locate them when I searched for them there recently.

I was back at this garden weeding today and found them in the garden, a little dirty, but still intact.

Beware the Pokemon Go craze


Have you heard about the new Pokemon Go game app?  My son is consumed by it.  He is not 2 or 3 as he was when he was first obsessed with Pokemon, or even 7 or 8, but almost 19!  He and his friends walk around the neighbourhood “hunting” Pokemon characters and defeating “gym leaders” with their cell phones.

Mix the reality of local landmarks (players use their phone’s GPS to navigate) with the fun and challenge of the game, as well as all the walking and you have Pokemon Go.  It is aimed at the over 10-year-old crowd, but it doesn’t appear to have an age limit.  I guess the exercise is the upside, as you cannot play on the sofa in front of a TV screen.  Another plus; the app is free for android and  Iphones.

Social media has caught the Pokemon Go fever too.  These two jokes regarding this newest craze were recently posted on Facebook…



So, if you see youngsters wandering around, head down, eyes glued to their phones, don’t be alarmed, they are probably just hunting Pokemon.  My son caught one in my garden last night; go figure, here I was blaming the rabbits for eating my plants.