Last Christmas by Andrew Waines

Last Christmas by ANDREW WAINES is now my favourite Christmas song.  I have always loved the original by the late George Michaels, but Andrew’s new live cover is special (pun intended).   Watch and listen to his voice and guitar skills in this live cover of Last Christmas…


Stay tuned there for his other live covers.  While you are at it, check out an Andrew Waines original called Loving Carefully.

Andrew is the same age as my youngest son; they were good friends back in their earliest school days here in Kanata.  It is wonderful to see (and hear) his success in the music industry.

If you love Andrew’s Last Christmas cover as much as I do phone, tweet or email your local radio station to request it!  Majic 100 here in Ottawa has it in their Christmas lineup…




Ottawa United Women’s Soccer team New Zealand bound

The Ottawa United Women’s Soccer team is trying to raise money for a trip to the World Masters competition in New Zealand.

women soccer

For more details on how and when you can help them get there, read this STORY  written by Jessica Cunha in the Kanata Kourier-Standard

Vote for my outdoor Christmas lights display


Our outdoor Christmas lights display has been nominated for a prize in our community here in Ottawa.  You can vote  for “Bulmer” at

Rock on Andrew Waines!



Andrew Waines is a young man moving up quickly in the music world, currently focused on the soft rock/blues genre as a solo artist.  Andrew was one of my youngest son’s best friends in grade school here in Kanata (west end of Ottawa) until Andrew and his family moved from our neighborhood.

Andrew’s mom and I are friends on Facebook  which has been instrumental (pun intended) in allowing us to follow our children’s (her four and my three) endeavors. When I heard of Andrew’s success and amazing progress in the music industry, I was thrilled for him, but not really surprised as he was always the kind of kid that excelled in any of his pursuits.

Please check out these links to Andrew’s official website, Youtube channel, and Facebook page to discover just how talented he is!

OFFICIAL WEBSITE  for his bio, contact info, scheduled shows, blog and more

YOUTUBE CHANNEL  for tracks, albums, and playlists of original songs and covers

FACEBOOK PAGE  for more info and updates


Rock on Andrew!


Canadian tulip festival

The Canadian tulip festival is underway here in Ottawa, Ontario.  Currently the largest tulip festival in the world, it runs from May 12 to 23 this year. These spectacular pictures were taken by a talented friend.  I could not decide which one was the most beautiful so am posting them all:



This last picture is of a purple trillium, our provincial flower here in Ontario.  Although the white version is much more common, purple trilliums are popping up everywhere too this spring :


                        photo credit: Jackie Heslop, Kanata Ontario


Digging out from record snowfall in Ottawa

We Canadians do like to talk about our weather, and we certainly have had lots of inspiration in the past 24 hours.  Today in Ottawa we are digging out from the record-breaking snowfall that hit us yesterday.  We got dumped with 50 cm (or 20 inches) of the white stuff, all within 12 hours…



I live in the Ottawa suburb of Kanata, where our sidewalks, crosswalks, and even some roads are not a top priority for snow plows. Cars were buried, buses were stuck and stranded,  sidewalks, crosswalks and even lanes on the major highway through the city just disappeared…


Fortunately, the falling snow was light and fluffy, just lots of it. Shoveling was easy work, it just required several attempts over the span of the day.  In our yards and on our decks, fixtures like BBQs, hot tubs, and patio furniture are all buried, probably will be for a while. Even the rabbit that lives under our spruce tree has extra insulation on his home…


Well, my driveway is clear, but  guess what?  It’s snowing again!…


That darned groundhog that supposedly predicted an early spring is probably hiding  underneath all of the snow, laughing at us.

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Give the gift of time this Christmas with GARDENS4U gift certificates

christmas gift certificate 2015-16


GARDENS4U is offering gift certificates again this Christmas season.  Perfect for garden lovers with limited time or physical strength, these certificates can be custom made to suit your needs and budget.

Of course, I only work in the west end of Ottawa.  If you, or someone you know, can benefit from my services, please contact me to create a gift certificate for you.

My favourite lunch on the run spot is Glen’s french fry truck at the Canadian Tire store in Kanata

My favourite “lunch on the run” spot is Glen’s french fry truck at the Canadian Tire store in Kanata.  When I am driving between my clients’ gardens, I have stopped at this spot for french fries a few times…

IMG1648 IMG1647

It is especially nice when the weather is as beautiful as it was yesterday.   No, I did not drive while eating.  All of the picnic tables were full with others enjoying the uncommon November warmth and sunshine at this popular lunch spot, so I sat in my car to eat my lunch, with the windows down and the radio turned up loud!

Dog strangling vine prevalent in Kanata, Ontario

This dog strangling vine is one of the vines I was telling you about in a recent post that are very invasive, but also dangerous…

IMG1619 IMG1620

I have seen lots of these vines in my fall cleanups of gardens here in Kanata, Ontario.  The leaves of the dog strangling vine are unremarkable, blending in with others in your gardens.  The seed pods are more distinctive; they look like yellow string beans, making it easy to recognize the vine this time of year.  If you encounter this vine in your gardens, pull out the vine by the roots before the seed pods burst spreading seeds everywhere.  Be sure to discard the vine, its roots and seed pods into your yard waste; do not add them to your compost bin.

I haven’t seen or heard of this vine strangling any dogs, but I have seen it strangle the life out of a fully mature tree, so beware!

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?

As Thanksgiving approaches here in Canada (and in the USA in the near future) we should take a moment in our busy lives to contemplate what we are thankful for.  Here is my list:

  • I am thankful for my three wonderful sons, each one with different goals, dreams, skills and personalities.  I am thankful they are all still working and living close by and thoughtful enough to share their lives with me!
  • I am thankful for my husband of thirty one years, for his love and support, not to mention providing me with and helping me raise the above mentioned three sons.
  • I am thankful for my good health as well as the good health of those dear to me.
  • I am thankful for this wonderful country called Canada that we live in and the particular neighbourhood here in Kanata, Ontario that I live in.
  • I am thankful for the job I have where people pay me to play in their gardens.
  • I am thankful for the materialistic things in my life too, such as a warm and safe home, clothes on my back, food on my table, family vacations etc.

When you sit down for your Thanksgiving dinner, or before then, be sure to list the things you are most thankful for in your life.  Then remind yourself often of your good fortune, especially the non-materialistic things!