Last Christmas by Andrew Waines

Last Christmas by ANDREW WAINES is now my favourite Christmas song.  I have always loved the original by the late George Michaels, but Andrew’s new live cover is special (pun intended).   Watch and listen to his voice and guitar skills in this live cover of Last Christmas…


Stay tuned there for his other live covers.  While you are at it, check out an Andrew Waines original called Loving Carefully.

Andrew is the same age as my youngest son; they were good friends back in their earliest school days here in Kanata.  It is wonderful to see (and hear) his success in the music industry.

If you love Andrew’s Last Christmas cover as much as I do phone, tweet or email your local radio station to request it!  Majic 100 here in Ottawa has it in their Christmas lineup…




A dogsled, RCMP, snow and Shania Twain

Arriving on the snow-covered field on a dogsled, escorted by (RCMP) mounties, Shania Twain’s Grey Cup halftime show could not have been more Canadian.  The flying snow enhanced the performance, captured here by ESPN…


Dressed in sparkly pink and red winter wear, Canadian country singer Shania Twain wowed the crowd with her hit songs “That Don’t Impress me Much” and “Life’s About to Get Good”  before closing with “Man, I feel like a woman!”


Oh, and the football game was good too, a close nailbiter right to the end.  The underdog won again with the Toronto Argonauts defeating the Calgary Stampeders 27-24  in Grey Cup #105.



I almost made it to Chicago!

I almost made it to Chicago!  Chicago the musical that is, not the city….



photo credit to the Orillia Opera House


I had tickets to Chicago for last night’s performance but had to miss it due to the lousy weather here in Ottawa. I had plans to drive to Barrie from Ottawa to pick up my niece and head to the evening show at the Orillia Opera House. That plan never materialized.

Environment Canada changed my plans:

Environment Canada is predicting patchy freezing rain across eastern Ontario on Saturday afternoon.  After that ends, another round of freezing rain will develop this evening and persist for much of the night”

Even though I left Ottawa in the morning, with the hope of missing the freezing rain, it started earlier than predicted.  I only got as far as Carleton Place then turned around and came home.  What should have been a 15 minuted drive, turned into close to an hour with too many cars in the ditch.  An ordinarily long drive to Barrie and back would have turned into a nightmare.

“Freezing rain will slowly change to snow overnight as colder temperatures move in. Snowfall accumulation of 5 to 10 cm are possible by Sunday”    This was correct too; I woke up to this vision of beauty out my front door this morning:



Olivia Lloyd, the daughter of a family friend, played Velma in the show.  Reviews have been awesome; I am so disappointed that I did not get there.

The good news is I was able to transfer the tickets into my niece’s name, so she and a friend were able to enjoy the show.  Lucky for them, the drive from Barrie to Orillia was much quicker (with no freezing rain) than Ottawa to Barrie to Orillia.

That’s Canadian weather for you, unpredictable and frustrating!

There’s a new mantra in Ottawa tonight

There’s a new mantra in Ottawa tonight.  If you are an Ottawa Senators fan or an NHL lover, you will know exactly what I am talking about.  It goes like this: “PAGEAU, PAGEAU, PAGEAU, PAGEAU….PAGEAU, PAGEAU”  sung to the tune of that other popular NHL chant OLÈ, OLÈ, OLÈ, OLÈ….OLÈ OLÈ



The Ottawa Senators beat the visiting New York Rangers, 6-5 in double overtime, after being down 5-3 with a little over 3 minutes left in regulation time.  What a comeback, what a game!  The win puts the Senators ahead 2-0 in a best of 7 game series, round two in the NHL playoffs for the Stanley Cup.


The reason for the mantra is that Jean-Gabriel Pageau scored 4 of the 6 Ottawa goals, including the OT winner.   To be more precise, 4 goals in 4 shots on net.  I would love to know Henrik Lundqvist’s (the Rangers’ goaltender) thoughts as he saw him streaking down the ice towards him in overtime.  Maybe, “oh no, not him again”

The fans serenaded him a few times tonite with the mantra (after each goal) but none louder than during his solo skate as he was announced the first star of the game.  It was absolutely deafening, in fact, you could not hear the announcer declare him the first star.  Not that he had to, we all knew who the best guy on the ice was tonight.

The fans were still chanting as they cleared out of the CTC, to the parking lots and beyond, honking their car horns and waving their flags…

My voice is hoarse; I too was chanting and cheering at the top of my lungs.

Guitar Center

guitar center

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Dorothy reminds Ottawa “There’s no place like home” in Wizard of Oz production

Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz are visiting Ottawa this week to share the message that “there’s no place like home”…


The National Art Center (NAC) in downtown Ottawa is hosting the performances, from Tuesday December 29th until Sunday, January 3rd.   Last night’s opening performance was supposed to be sold out, so I assume the empty seats visible were due to the heavy snowfall we received here in Ottawa yesterday.

The story of the Wizard of Oz is appropriate for children of all ages, from 3 to 93.   The messages “the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence”, “be thankful for what you have”, “home is where the heart is” and of course, “there’s no place like home” are ones we can all learn from.

The original movie from 1939, an American comedy and drama starring Judy Garland, was memorable for the introduction  of technicolor part way through the movie.  Tonight’s theatrical production by Broadway Across Canada  included all the old songs and characters with a few modern twists and jokes.  I especially liked the “the lion sleeps tonight” line as the cowardly lion collapses, face first, when the Wicked Witch of the West sedates Dorothy and her friends with the scent of poppies.  The performance was amazing, and included a live “Toto”.  Both dogs that play Toto,  Nigel and his understudy Loki, were rescued from a humane society and a puppy mill respectively.  This heart warming fact that I read in the programme adds to the appeal of the production.

My favourite part, apart from all the memorable, toe-tapping songs, was the contagious giggles from the youngest children in the audience.


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Top google searches for 2015

The top google searches for 2015 were announced recently.  In case you are not aware of what information these searches provided, I have done it for you…

The first list of top 10 google searches is from the USA…


  1. Lamar Odom:   The former professional basketball player and estranged husband (their divorce was never finalized) of Khloe Kardashian passed out from a four day binge of natural viagra combined with too much booze, at a brothel in Nevada this past October. Although rumors reported him dead,  he came out of his coma  and continues to improve from the several strokes and kidney failure his body suffered.  Although Kardashian and Odom have apparently not reconciled, the divorce was put off so she could make decisions for his medical care…
  2. Charlie Hebdo:  A weekly magazine with headquarters in Paris, France that is best known for its controversial   and provocative left wing views that are published in the form of cartoons, jokes and articles.  Several terrorist   attacks have been launched against the magazine, the most recent one in January of 2015 in which twelve       people (mostly staff members) were killed.  And I thought cartoons were supposed to make you laugh…
  3.  A computer and mobile phone game where players are cells that get bigger and stronger by eating other cells/players. Sounds like an electronic version of Risk, the board game my sons used to play…
  4. Jurassic World: A movie that made a record-breaking 5.25 million dollars on its opening weekend in June 2015.  A sequel to Jurassic Park, this movie is set on the site of the original theme park, with a similar story line.  Ho Hum…
  5. Paris:  A recent terrorist attack lead by ISIL on a concert and restaurant crowd in Paris, France had us glued to our TV screens in November of 2015.  Apparently, many were glued to their computers and google as well….
  6. Furious 7:  Another movie, this one as its name suggests, is the latest version in the Fast and Furious saga.  The most notable fact about this one is that one of the stars, Paul Walker, died tragically in a car accident in 2013 while the film was still in production.  Sadly it was Walker’s last performance, and hopefully the last furious movie…
  7. Fallout 4:  Another computer game, this one from Bethesda Game Studio.  Who has time for all of these computer games?….
  8. Ronda Rousey:  She was the UFC bantamweight champion, at least until she was resoundingly knocked out by Holly Holm in Australia this past November…
  9. Caitlyn Jenner:  Formerly known as olympic athlete Bruce Jenner, Caitlyn is Bruce’s new transgender name, revealed to the world in July 2015.  She is also known as the stepfather/mother to the Kardashian girls…
  10. American Sniper:  Another movie, this one a war movie, based on the autobiography of a marksman in the US military.  At least it isn’t another sequel…


The next list was our Canadian version of the top 10 google searches, with the top four and number 7 showing significant Canadian content…

  1. Blue Jays:  Toronto’s professional baseball team, that thrilled all Canadians with their run for the World Series in 2015.  They fell short in the AL championship series, but the team that beat them out, the Kansas City Royals, went on to win it all…
  2. Justin Trudeau:  Canada’s new prime minister, currently best known as the son of former prime minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau.  Hopefully Justin leads the country to greater things than his father did…
  3. Federal Election:  Former prime minister Stephen Harper was resoundingly booted out of office by the above mentioned Justin Trudeau by voters wanting change.  Hopefully the changes will be positive…
  4. Pan Am Games:   Held most recently in Toronto in July 2015, the Pan Am games are a multi national, multi sporting event.
  5. Paris Shooting:  same as #5 in USA
  6.  same as #3 in USA
  7. Chris Hyndman:  A Canadian TV personality, best known for his interior decorating skills, that fell to his death from his balcony, reportedly while sleepwalking.
  8. Charlie Hebdo:  same as #2 in USA
  9. Lamar Odom: same as #1 in USA
  10. Caitlyn Jenner: same as #9 in USA


I learned a few things from researching this post; I hope you did too.  The only search item on the list that I did not know about was the game.   I also discovered that Americans like their movies and computer/video games, while we Canadians are into sports and current events.

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