Save your banana peels for bulb planting

Yes, you read that right.  Now is the time to save your banana peels for bulb planting.  Over the years I have tried many things to deter squirrels from digging up the bulbs I plant in my GARDENS4U clients’ gardens as well as my own.

Placing a few strips of banana peel over the bulbs (or wrap each bulb in a piece of peel) in the hole you have dug seems to be the best method I have found, especially for single (and expensive!) bulbs like Lily trees …



Another trick is to plant daffodils and tulips in the same hole as that seems to deter squirrels too because they do not like daffodils…

We eat lots of bananas in my home.  I tear the peel from each banana into 6 pieces and store them in a plastic baggie in my freezer.  When I am ready to plant the bulbs, I have lots of banana peels to keep the squirrels away.


Try my banana peel trick and let me know if it works for you.  Now is the perfect time here in zone 4 to 5 for planting bulbs!



2 thoughts on “Save your banana peels for bulb planting

  1. Oh, that is funny. I have never looked into this because squirrels have so much to eat that they do not dig up bulbs here. (We do feed banana peels to staghorn ferns though.) I wrote an amusing article about deterring squirrels with stuffed animals. It works sort of like the fake owls, but not because the squirrels are afraid of the stuffed animals, but because they do not know what they are.

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