About Lorieb

Lorieb (lor-eee-bee) is married and the mother of three sons, residing in Kanata (a suburb of Ottawa) Ontario, Canada.  The name Lorieb originated years ago, when, as one of several moms named Lori on a son’s hockey team, she was dubbed Lori B.  A middle initial (E) was added to further personalize the blog name, and Lorieb came to life.

After 30 years as a medical laboratory technologist in a local hospital, Lorieb retired and pursued her dream job in the landscaping industry.  She is now the proud owner of GARDENS4U, and spends most of her time (summer months) designing, planting, restoring and maintaining gardens.  Please check out her business website at gardens4u.ca   Be sure to add your comments and suggestions!

Lorieb’s other interests, especially during the cold winter months in Canada, include reading and writing articles or blog posts.  Subjects include current events, parenting, gardening, sports, health and wellness, relationships, and food allergies or sensitivities.  Inspiration for these posts come from her daily life and reflect her opinions and experiences.  Please be advised that all original blog posts and articles written by Lorieb are protected by Copyscape and as such should not be copied or reblogged without permission and linking to the original source…

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Recently Lorieb has created two additional blogs.  Your Daily Chuckle  is guaranteed to make you laugh out loud (LOL)at least once a day.  WoW, short for Words of Wisdom, is a weekly blog,  aimed to inspire and motivate.  Unlike Lorieb.com, the posts on both of these newer blogs are NOT original,  coming from various sources including Facebook and other social media sites.  The source is usually indicated within the post.

Lorieb would love to hear from you; comments and suggestions for her blogs or website are always greatly appreciated.



27 thoughts on “About Lorieb

  1. Lovely to meet you Lorieb. You have a very informative and beautiful blog here! Thank you for stopping by my blog and the following. Much appreciated.

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  2. Great to meet a wonderful soul like you and Follow your great Blog now. I am looking forward to stay connected and get to know you. My name is Carolina my Blog on WP is yesterdayafter.com maybe you know it since Jason (OM) did a review for it! I am an Artist Designer I create unique Jewelry inspired by nature and I express my creativity in many different ways through Photography, Digital Art, Watercolor painting, Illustrations an more and sometimes I write Poems 😉 I hope you will visit I am looking forward to it!
    Have a wonderful day ❤


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  3. Like you did, I’m about to retire after 30 years in a health related field (I work as an addictions counselor) to follow my dreams of being a writer, artist, and whatever else God has planned, while I putter around my yard. Thanks for commenting on my blog so I could find you. Looking forward to reading more of your writing and the chuckles!

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