Chiropractic Care: How the Nervous System Controls the Body


Chiropractic care relies on the fact that the nervous system is the master controller of human bodies. The human body can heal itself when the brain within the nervous system communicates with the injured organs or tissues to correct problems by advising the injured areas to build new tissue.  However, this can only happen if there is no interruption or interference in the flow of nerve impulses to the injured areas.  If there is an interruption or interference, the injured area cannot receive the message from the brain.

An interruption in this flow of nerve impulses, which by the way have been reported to travel at three hundred miles an hour, caused by a misalignment of the spine due to injury, mistreatment, or improper care, is called a sublaxation. Subluxations are caused by tension in the body as the result of physical, emotional or chemical stresses which are all stored the same way, one treated no different than the other.  When a sublaxation lasts for a while, various symptoms occur within the patient, depending on which part of the body is affected.  Because the energy in nerve impulses travel from the brain, down the spinal cord, dispersing through the vertebrae to all areas of the body, a sublaxation can occur anywhere in the body that the nerves are located.  Sometimes patients experience pain, tingling or numbness, yet other times the patient appears to be pain free, but claims to tire quickly, be very susceptible to colds, or simply exhibits poor posture.

Chiropractors treat patients by correcting these sublaxations or misalignments in the spine with gentle adjustments of the spine.  Results are usually felt quickly and last much longer, often permanently, compared to the temporary relief provided by prescription or over the counter medication.  These medications are discouraged as they can also cause negative side effects, sometimes worse than the original injury or complaint.

Common symptoms experienced when a sublaxation is present are low energy and excessive fatigue, sciatica, fibromyalgia, indigestion and heartburn, neck or shoulder pain, back or knee pain, vertigo, decreased joint mobility, headaches and more.

Good health should not relate to the absence of negative symptoms, but should instead be considered a state of physical, emotional and mental well-being.  Chiropractors treat patients by recognizing the lifestyle changes necessary to improve overall better health, recommending these changes to provide clients with individual health goals.  They will also provide support, motivation and inspiration on an ongoing basis.

Find a chiropractor in your neighbourhood by searching online for and visiting websites that provide valuable educational information as well as their contact information.  Or, ask around, many of your friends, family, or coworkers may have already done the homework for you and found a chiropractor they are comfortable with.


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Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award


I was recently nominated for the “Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award”  by Vinantimistry on her blog entitled Cook Play Eat.  This is an honor for me, to be recognized and appreciated by one of my peers.  It is a great way to show respect for fellow bloggers, as well as a way to get to know bloggers whose work you admire.  The rules for this award are as follows:

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you, linking back to their site
  2. Put the award logo on your blog
  3. Answer the ten questions they’ve sent you
  4. Make up ten new questions for your nominees to answer
  5. Nominate ten people (more or less)

These are the questions asked of me with my answers:

  1. Why Blogging?

I started blogging almost three years ago, shortly after I was diagnosed with an allergy to wheat.  At first it started out as a way to share my story and dealings with this major change in my life.  The blog evolved to include other topics because I have always loved to write and this blog seemed like the perfect opportunity to share my passions.  Recently retired, I also had more time, especially during the winter months, when my gardening business shuts down.  I love connecting with people around the world through my blog.

2.  How did you choose the name for your blog?

The name of my blog is pretty boring.  Years ago, when I first took on the role of manager of my sons’ hockey teams I was called Lori B by the boys because there were a few other moms named Lori associated with the teams.  The name stuck, so Lorieb is pronounced Lor-eee-bee.  The e in the middle is for my middle name Elizabeth.

3.  What is your favorite food ?

Now that I cannot eat baked bread or pizza, I realize how much I loved those foods.  I also love dark chocolate and fortunately I can eat it!

4.   One place you want to travel alone?

I cannot think of anywhere I would specifically like to travel to alone.  I love to travel, but with my family. Europe and Australia are on my bucket list.  I do prefer to shop alone, especially plant nurseries.

5.    Do you read? What kind of books?

I love to read.  I prefer books with a good, yet realistic story line.  I have no attraction to science fiction, and futuristic books or ones that scare your socks off, so no spaceships, vampires, werewolves, mummies, etc etc etc

6.   Are you a perfectionist?

Sometimes.  When designing a garden or decorating a room, everything has to be just so.  When it comes to boring things like housework, not so much.

7.   What would you prefer more, Indoors or Outdoors?

100% outdoors.  This winter has been driving me crazy with its long cold days and so much snow.  I cannot wait till spring to get out in the gardens.

8.   One thing you are not doing right now in your life, But miss doing ?

Since I retired in 2012, the thing I miss most is the daily contact I had with so many wonderful and diversified people.

9.    Are you a fashionista or wear whatever your mind and body tells you?

Definitely not a fashionista.  I like to be comfortable and somewhat trendy, but did not inherit the shopper gene.  What some people spend on clothing, I spend on plants instead!

10.  Your remedy for a real bad day?

When I feel down and out or when things just aren’t going my way, I stop to think about all of the good in my life.  Music, a nap or a good book work well too.

My nominees for this Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award are people I feel have the same outlook as I do, with similar (I think) personalities to my own (like real sisters).  There are so many wonderful blogs out there, it was hard to choose only ten.  Although I didn’t include any of them on my list, I love to see the amazing pictures on all of the photography blogs too.  I wish I had even a portion of the talent these bloggers have with a camera…

1.  Spanishwoods

2.  Nursekellyknows

3.  Nutsrok

4.  Three Well Beings

5.  Beyond The Flow

6.  The Gluten Free Lifesaver

7.  Know It All

8.  What’s For Dinner Moms?

9.  Deidra Alexander

10.  Elizabeth Melton Parsons

Here are my questions for each of you…

1.  Do you enjoy reality TV, if you do which is your favorite show?

2.  If you suddenly (not planned or scheduled) realize you have a spare hour of time, what would you choose to do?

3.  What famous person would you like to have lunch with?

4.  If you won 10 million dollars or more in a lottery, what would you do with it?

5.  Who do you think the sexiest man and most beautiful woman in the world are?

6.  If you were stranded alone on a deserted island for two days, what five things would you want to have with you the most?

7.  What is your favorite kind of food?   Italian, Thai, Indian etc…

8.   What accent from around the world do you love to hear?

9.   When and why did you start writing/blogging?

10.  What is your favourite time of year and why.

In conclusion, thanks to Vinantimistry for choosing my blog for the Sisterhood Award and congratulations to all my fellow nominees.   I look forward to reading their answers!   Be sure to visit them all to see why I like them so much…

The Straw that Broke the Camel’s Back meets G9P3A3


A recent post on Nutsrok, one of my favourite blogs, reminded me of a story about what I call the straw that broke the camel’s back….

Years ago my 20 month old son had a bad cough that he could not seem to shake, so I took him to his pediatrician.  The doctor checked my son out, then told me to take him to the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) for further testing because he suspected asthma.  I promptly burst into tears in front of the doctor, his receptionist, my son and a full waiting room.

I’m sure they all thought I was crazy, not to mention an unfit mother.  What they didn’t know was that two days earlier I had suffered a second miscarriage, to add to the three stillbirths in my pregnancy history…

I have since written a book about my pregnancy woes entitled G9P3A3

Bryan Adams’ Reckless tour has fans on cloud #9 in Ottawa

If you were at the Canadian Tire Center in Ottawa Friday night, you were on cloud #9 with Bryan Adams and thousands of other fans as part of his Reckless tour. From the opening song to the encore performances, Adams put on a spectacular show.


The Reckless tour is to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the album that made the Canadian rocker a superstar. Reckless was the first album in Canada to sell one million copies. He had the fans singing along to most of his songs, as soon as they recognized the first few notes, and often before he even started to sing.


Familiar Bryan Adams hits like:
  • Summer of ’69
  • 18 till I die
  • Cuts like a knife
  • One night love affair
  • Run to you
  • Heaven
  • Kids wanna rock
  • It’s only love
  • Somebody like you
  • Everything I do
  • Cloud #9


and even the less familiar ones had everyone singing and dancing all night.

No God, No Good?


This is amazing, exactly how I feel about religion! Your moral compass has nothing to do with what religion (if any) you follow.

Originally posted on Storytime with John:

First in the new debate series – here we hear a story from the lovely Linda Bethea (thanks Linda!), and later I discuss religion, morality, and…probably a few other things. Hope you enjoy it. 

Opinions are obviously more than welcome, I expect this issue to be a little bit more controversial than say…the time some leeches attacked me in Nepal, or a Chinese guy looking at me weird in a bathroom – but that’s not a bad thing, it’s healthy to have discussions. I’d love to learn something new. 


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To Be or Not to Be: Is Shakespeare Necessary in High School English Classes?

Is Shakespeare necessary in high school English classes?  That is MY question…

Why do they still force Shakespeare and ancient literature on high school students who have no future use for it?  I understand that Shakespeare’s tragedies are part of the history of literature, and feel that he should be mentioned in that context, but devoting a large part of English classes to deciphering it is ridiculous.  I do not mean to offend any readers that may enjoy and appreciate Shakespeare, but am speaking here as a mother of three sons, none of whom found the hours spent on Shakespeare useful or interesting.

English is the only mandatory (at least here in Canada) course in grade twelve.   That fact is understandable as we are a predominantly English-speaking country.    Most Canadian universities require a minimum mark of 70% in grade twelve English for admission.  That would not be much of a problem for university bound students if the curriculum consisted of things these students could actually use in their chosen careers.  Useful skills such as writing resumes, memos, and technical reports,  using proper grammar, preparing PowerPoint presentations, debating and public speaking would be much more beneficial and less of a waste of time for students trying to concentrate on their futures.  When they are not interested in, and have no future use for Shakespeare and English literature, forcing it on them only serves to lower their grade average, compromising their acceptance into the university of their choice.

Grade twelve is a stressful year for students trying to decide what they want to do after high school graduation.  Unless headed for a degree in English literature, studying and analyzing Shakespeare is of no use to many of these students.  Perhaps English literature should be an optional course in high school instead of mandatory, so that those students that enjoy it and may have use for it can benefit without punishing those that do not and will not…

“To Be or Not to Be” should be “To Take or Not to Take”


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Download a Free Kindle App for Your Tablet or Smartphone

If you are fortunate enough to own a Kindle you know how convenient it is to read books anywhere, anytime.  You simply download the Kindle version of a book and read it at your convenience.  Purchase a Kindle here and increase your reading opportunities.


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Happy reading!