The Joys of Juicing….Revisited



One of my first posts on this blog was about the smoothies or “milkshakes” as my sons call them.

Two years later, with one son moved out and another very rarely home, I still make smoothies a few times a week.  My current favorite ingredients are mostly green; baby spinach, cucumber, lemon juice, avocado, green tea, turmeric and ginger.

These ingredients ensure I get my “greens” targeting my individual health concerns, but the combination tastes great too. Spinach is an anti-inflammatory, an anti-oxidant, full of vitamins A and K, with anti-cancer and cardiovascular benefits. Cucumbers help remove toxins from your body, are full of vitamin B, and help fight joint pain/stiffness.  Lemon juice increases your body alkalinity (see ) and removes toxins from your body. Avocados offer omega 3s (the good fat) and make the smoothie creamy. Turmeric and ginger are good for joint stiffness and pain.  Green tea also contains anti-oxidants, improves brain function and enables fat loss.

To make your smoothie, blend all solid ingredients and spices until very smooth.  Add the liquids and pulse until creamy.  I never measure the ingredients, but  1/2 cup spinach, one cucumber, 1/4 avocado, 1/4 cup lemon juice, two tablespoons each of ginger and turmeric, and one large cup of green tea should do the trick.   This makes a blender full, so I drink half of it in the morning and save the rest for later in the day.  You can adjust the taste to suit your palate with more juice or spice.  If it is not creamy enough for you or too sharp tasting, add some greek yogurt.  Be adventurous and make up your own recipe!

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My New Favourite Gardening Tool is a Swoe


My new favourite gardening tool is a swoe, a hoe with a sharp cutting edge.  My swoe is used in a push/pull motion to slice through the stems of weeds, just below the surface of the soil, much like a hoe.  The swoe works great in large beds in between plants, along edges and in tight spaces, especially after a rain when the soil is easily cultivated.  The lightweight handle of the swoe is about 5 feet long and the blade about 5 inches long, making it easy to use, carry and store.

My Green Room aka My Back Deck




My favourite room in the house these days is my green room, AKA my back deck.    The entire railing of the deck is covered in ivy, forming a four foot high, living green wall.  My green room is a perfect and private spot to enjoy breakfast and a morning coffee.  In the afternoon the green room is partially shaded from the hot sun by lilac and apple trees.

The Banana Clip Revisited


Banana clips were popular in the 1980’s in the “big hair” era where they were used to tie back all that hair into a ponytail.  They worked wonders for the long layered hair cuts because you could get all layers into one hair clip.

I still wear my hair in a layered cut as it suits my thick, wavy, humidity hating hair.   I was rummaging through a cupboard in my bedroom recently and found my banana clips from long ago.

Some things never change!  Those banana clips still work the best for controlling my unruly hair in the hot humid weather and now come in very handy when I am out tending to my gardens.  I no longer have to stop what I am doing to retie my ponytail as the clip holds all of my hair out of my face and off my neck for hours!